Three More NYPD Officers Attacked by Rioters

Three members of the New York City Police Department were attacked by Antifa rioters last night, with one being stabbed and two others being shot, according to Fox News.

New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea gave details of the assault, saying that the suspect approached the officers while they were staged at an “anti-looting post” to protect local businesses. The suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed one officer in the neck, narrowly missing an artery.

Then the suspect grabbed an officer’s pistol as the officer withdrew it, firing multiple times and hitting two other officers, with one being struck in the hand and the other in the arm. Other officers returned fire, hitting the suspect multiple times. All three officers were rushed to the hospital and are expected to survive their injuries, while the suspect was taken into custody and is currently in critical condition.

The incident is the latest example of violence against police by the rioters, which has escalated since Monday. On Monday night, four St. Louis police officers were shot by rioters. Also on Monday, three police officers in Buffalo, New York were run over by a protester, who was taken into custody and now faces felony charges.