The Left Fears Law-Abiding Gun Owners More Than Rioters

Aemerica is under siege by left-wing extremists and racial agitators. The lawless crowds have brutally beaten dozens of innocent people and destroyed the stores and homes of thousands. Police are doing their best to quell the crowds, but feckless leaders have kept them from doing their job and providing sufficient support.

Many ordinary citizens are on their own, lacking any protection from the state. The riots are an ugly reminder of the necessity of gun rights. Americans can’t always depend on the state to protect their property and safety. Sometimes you can only rely on yourself, your family, and your friends—the police won’t save you if all units are fighting a violent mob.

One politician understood this sad fact weeks before the rioting started—and liberals lost their collective mind about it. Georgia congressional candidate Paul Broun said in early April his constituents need AR-15s to defend themselves against looters.

“Whether it’s looting hordes from Atlanta, or a tyrannical government from Washington, there are few better liberty machines than an AR-15,” the former congressman said in his ad announcing an AR-15 giveaway

Broun was derided as a racist gun nut for mentioning looting hordes. Now he stands vindicated as American cities descend into chaos. Despite the ever-present marauding hordes, liberals are still more terrified by law-abiding citizens exercising their constitutional rights. 

Blue checks were apoplectic when President Trump said he would protect Americans’ Second Amendment rights during his Rose Garden speech Monday. Apparently Trump’s simple message affirming a basic liberty was a secret call for a race war.

“1619 Project” director Nikole Hannah-Jones shrieked

Gun control activist Igor Volsky cried:

The official March for Our Lives Twitter account tweeted (In all caps, no less):

According to anti-gun critics, you don’t need a gun to protect your business or home. Besides, insurance will cover the damage! They say the latest social fad is more important than your life’s work and livelihood.

These jumpy pundits should’ve watched more of the riot footage from over the weekend. They would’ve seen the horrifying footage of an elderly couple in Rochester, New York brutally beaten for defending their business from looters. Maybe if they were armed, they wouldn’t have suffered such a travesty.

Another Rochester store owner was able to defend his business with the power of his shotgun. The difference in the two situations is as clear as day.

Relying entirely on the police is not the wisest decision at this moment. The police in many areas can’t even protect City Hall, much less attend to every business pillaged by the greedy hordes. The scenes from New York City this week should shock every American and persuade many Americans to buy a gun.

The last thing the state should do at this point is to restrict gun ownership. Only the arsonists and looters benefit from defenseless citizens.

Many of these same anti-gun critics delude themselves into believing the rioters are just “peaceful protesters.” Millions in bail money have been raised for rioters in Minneapolis. Journalists go into hysterics any time police use force against the rioters or even when someone dares call them terrorists. Needless to say, all oppose the National Guard and federal troops being deployed against the black-clad hordes.

It wasn’t too long ago when liberals wanted a brutal crackdown on peaceful anti-lockdown protesters. Apparently, people protesting in favor of their right to open their business is more of a threat than anarchists looting and torching said business. The black-masked agitators advance the liberal agenda; the peaceful gun owners stand up to it. That’s why the former is given a free pass to rampage while the latter is painted as a threat.

Gun rights ensure a citizen has the power to defend him or herself instead of being entirely dependent upon the state. They truly are, as Broun said, “liberty machines.” The Founders understood that the right to self-defense was a cornerstone of citizenship. They knew a defenseless citizen is more a subject than a citizen. 

Leftists don’t like the idea that people can take care of themselves. They want everyone dependent on the state. They fear an empowered citizenry that can do things without the pre-approval of liberal bureaucrats.

It’s obvious: leftists fear law-abiding gun owners more than rioters who burn down cities.

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