Morning Greatness: Charges Escalated, More Cops Arrested for Floyd Death

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president receives his intelligence briefing
  • President Trump signs an Executive Order on Expediting Permitting

Charges upped for Minneapolis cops, autopsy released

Minnesota’s AG Keith Ellison has brought new charges against the cops involved in the George Floyd murder. The officer with his knee on the neck of Floyd, Derek Chauvin, has had his charges elevated from 3rd degree murder to 2nd degree murder and the other three cops have been arrested and charged with Aiding and abetting second-degree murder.

Floyd’s autopsy results were released, there are two: one from the state and one paid for by the family. They are at odds. What we know is that Floyd tested positive for coronavirus, and the report revealed three “natural diseases:” (1) “arteriosclerotic heart disease,” which it described as “multifocal, severe;” (2) “hypertensive heart disease,” which included a “clinical history of hypertension,” and (3) a left pelvic tumor, which it described as “incidental.” (Incidental tumors are generally benign.) He also had some drugs in his system like fentanyl and marijuana.

Barack Obama decided to speak last night because this civil unrest is not about anything other than obtaining power. It’s not about police brutality. If it were, why haven’t all the Democrats who have run the cities for years if not decades fixed their police forces? The cities are run by liberals, the same ones out walking with the protestors and posting black squares on social media, or virtue signalling for the media. But what have they DONE with their power? NOTHING. And yet the same people who are protesting vote for the same clowns.

I didn’t listen to Obama and I don’t care what he said. His main purpose was to undermine Trump and prop up the feeble, confused Joe Biden to beat Trump in November. This is merely the latest attempt to screw middle America and working class people who voted for Trump in 2016. They want to make sure that doesn’t happen again in 2020.

Fauci talks about whether to open up schools in the fall

OH HELL NO. We are absolutely not having this conversation, the discussion is OVER.

“I hesitate to make any broad statements about whether it is or is not quote ‘safe’ for kids to come back to school,” Fauci told CNN.

“When you talk about children going back to school and their safety, it really depends on the level of viral activity, and the particular area that you’re talking about. What happens all too often, understandably, but sometimes misleadingly, is that we talk about the country as a whole in a unidimensional way.”

Well I have a broad, unidimensional statement to make, Fauci and it’s SHUT YOUR FACE. We have thousands and thousands of “protestors” crowded together for prolonged periods of time in the street for days and I haven’t heard a peep from you and your posse of scientists who scolded the filthy casuals for wanting to re-open their businesses, go to church, get a manicure or hair cut. (I did see this letter from the scientists, however.) I haven’t seen the brain trusts in the media shrieking about grandma-killers. Did I miss you, Fauci, on all the Sunday shows and the nightly news agitprop begging protestors to go back inside lest they spread the virus and kill their elderly family members. NO. So now we know what this lockdown was all about: control and power. Everything needs to open up RIGHT NOW, this game is OVER.

Peace riots:

Not all lives matter. 2 NYPD cops shot, another stabbed during confrontation, unclear if related to unrest

Oh, ok. Texas man with ‘assault rifle’ at George Floyd protest allegedly plotted ‘to off racists and MAGA people’

This idiot. Mattis tears into Trump: ‘We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership’

Def. Sec. Esper reverses course, will keep troops near DC for protests

Jimmy Carter calls out police injustice, but says violence is ’not a solution’

Disney Donates $2 Million To NAACP Following George Floyd’s Death

Attorneys Accused Of Firebombing New York Police Vehicle Donated To Bernie Sanders, FEC Records Show

Trump: ‘I don’t think we’ll have to’ send military to cities

Massachusetts Democratic Attorney General: ‘America Is Burning. But That’s How Forests Grow’

Here’s A List Of Media And Politicians Who Downplayed Violence And Looting

Cops use chemical agents on Charlotte protesters in ‘classic ambush’

Please don’t buy their products. Ben & Jerry’s calls for the dismantling of ‘culture of white supremacy’

Good. This poor lady. More than $20G raised to help Minneapolis woman who wept over riots in viral interview

NYC councilman suggests president should revoke benefits of people arrested for looting

Terrific. What a criminal magnet. Los Angeles to slash up to $150M from LAPD budget, reinvest into communities of color

Apple is tracking iPhones stolen from its stores

5 of the 6 are black. 6 Atlanta police officers booked on charges related to tasing incident

Virginia governor to announce removal of Lee statue

ACLU files lawsuit alleging attacks on journalists covering George Floyd protests

How many Antifa arrested? No word on that but…Feds charge 3 self-identified ‘boogaloo’ adherents plotting violence at Black Lives Matter protest

Nearly All Rioters Freed from Jail in D.C., Most Avoid Felony Riot Charges

This will be interesting. Black Lives Matter plans armed ‘peace officers’ in ‘war on police,’ NY leader says

Other morsels:

At least 39 injured in knife attack at China kindergarten

Fired U.S. State Department watchdog confirms probe of Saudi arms sale

Rosenstein takes fire from Republicans in heated testimony

Rosenstein Says He ‘Would Not’ Have Signed FISA Warrant If He Knew Then What He Knows Now

Kelly holds double-digit lead over McSally in Arizona: poll

Cornyn presses DOJ to release results of investigation into Larry Nassar probe

Whoops! National Governments And WHO Relied On Suspect Data From Small US Company To Determine COVID-19 Policies

Marc Siegel: ‘How Can We Believe Leaders’ Who Enforce Lockdowns One Week And Bow To Protesters The Next?

Texas man finds $850K worth of cocaine hidden in car he won at auction

Uh oh. AOC endorses Eliot Engel challenger Jamaal Bowman in Bronx congressional race

Should have thought of that before you let rioters burn and loot your city. Are public pensions doomed because of the coronavirus pandemic? State, local budgets feel pain

Drew Brees receives intense backlash from star athletes after remarks about protesting during national anthem

Gen. John Allen, anti-ISIS envoy under Obama, rips Trump in Foreign Policy op-ed

WHO says coronavirus is not mutating, but that doesn’t mean it is not dangerous

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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