Antifa Rioters Deface World War II and Lincoln Memorials on National Mall

Multiple historic landmarks in Washington D.C. were vandalized by far-left domestic terrorists on Sunday night, as reported by CNN.

Among the casualties were the historic Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial. A pedestal in front of Lincoln was defaced with the phrase “Yall not tired yet?”—a direct threat that riots and destruction will continue. The World War II Monument similarly was defaced with the racially-charged question of “Do black vets count?”

The riots started on the National Mall near the Capitol Building and eventually worked their way down to Lafayette Square, just across from the White House. Terrorists also started a fire in the basement offices of the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church, which firefighters eventually managed to put out. Despite initial panic on social media that the historic 204-year-old building would be completely burned, the damage was contained and church leaders confirmed that nothing of significance was destroyed.