Coronavirus Boosts the Bronze Age Mindset

This Coronavirus crisis has caused all of us to revisit our foundational assumptions. As we’ve done so, the polarity between the societies we want to live in versus the geographical lines that still bind us has only grown.

Back in 2018, after observing a phenomenon happening across the globe, I released an essay and accompanying video entitled “Entering the Based Era.” While the phenomenon would politically benefit the Right, it wasn’t simply populism, as many pundits were claiming at the time, but something much deeper.

If you’ve surfed Twitter, you may have seen the emergence of movements rediscovering the philosophical importance of gothic architecture or “e-girls” turning to that “tradlife” or maybe pictures of muscular men, faces blurred, with a certain book in their hands.

This Chinese-born global pandemic seemed to confirm not only the fears of market bears, gold bugs, and paleoconservative warnings of globalization, but also possibly even radical views from the Alex Jones’ crowd that allege our elite may be doing things like dumping chemicals into the water supply that are having a harmful effect on both humans and frogs. Or, it feels that way anyway. Some of us will mindlessly devote thousands of words to studying these topics.

Others, like Bronze Age Pervert, and his growing brand universe of scantily-clad muscle men, will be bathing in the sun during their workouts and demonstrating their arguments rather than debating them.

We’ve reached peak clown world in this Age of Information when the media and government, together, have taken contradictory stances on the role of the immune system, face masks, China’s role, and those bastards at the World Health Organization during this global pandemic. Still, there’s an addiction to consuming the news and debating it in Facebook comments and Twitter threads. Gym closings and frustrations with the supply chain were only confirmation to readers of the Bronze Age Mindset by the anonymous author behind the popular Bronze Age Pervert Twitter account. 

I think those of us who have toiled in conservatism for years failed because we failed to penetrate the culture. In contrast, President Donald J. Trump not only attached himself to the culture but held a referendum on it, producing an effective punk, counter-culture.

For all the decades and tens of millions of donor dollars wasted since the Reagan years funding media criticism, we failed to convince the broader public. I use “we,” very loosely there. Any decline in corporate media’s monopoly over the public can be credited to the medium of the internet more than to these conservative nonprofits and their endless galas. President Trump also provided fuel for existing and new independent brands that are directionality masculine, traditional, or right-wing, but also failed to meet our many litmus tests. This has turned into a net-gain for the Republican Party and conservative-leaning beliefs. Probably more importantly, it exposed what we knew about corporate media to the general public, academia’s true relationship with Marxism, corporatism done in the name of capitalism, and feminism’s war on boys.

See, what President Trump gets is what the late Andrew Breitbart got. It’s what Mike Cernovich, Milo Yiannopoulos, Roger Stone, Roger Ailes, Ted Turner, Laura Loomer, Culttture, and Bronze Age Pervert get. 

The public wants information and entertainment. Coupled together, infotainment satisfies a want and feels like it satisfies a need (and sometimes it does).

I think current infotainment has negatively hurt norms that protected man from his nature. This feral futurism not only threatens America’s hegemony but likely our physical survival as well. After decades, I also believe that it shattered sustainable liberalism (not to be confused at all with progressivism) and broke the shared reality a supermajority of Americans experienced together.

The devil makes work for idle hands. No hands are more idle than those which mindlessly watch today’s infotainment.

If we could spare a minute to look up from the glow of our mobile devices (which are not phones at all), we would see just how bad our society has regressed in the name of progressivism and its lesser gods. While our ancestors discovered new lands, we are busy binge-watching the latest TV show.

Neil Postman tried to warn us of this brave new world in Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business.

Going forward, the public will look for demonstrations of proof as opposed to editorials that end with even more questions. Gains (muscle earned from rigorous training) provide us that. We crave drama, good storytelling and meaningful debates that launch our imaginations forward.

This is the magic we imagine the Greek city-state Athens possessed whereas New York City is the opposite in just about every way. And coronavirus just proved that.

This is the magic Donald Trump taps when he speaks about American exceptionalism in terms the public can digest; “make America great again.” The president couples futurism with calls for returning manufacturing production to the United States and with it domestic jobs. Unlike conservatives, the president is not afraid of debt and conquest. 

This is the magic Bronze Age Pervert (BAP) has captured with his audience. He’s gotten these young men to seek wives, old values, and find knowledge that produces physical proof. These young men are too busy flexing on society, proud of their evidence-based approach to life, to listen to some pudgy, balding simp on tel-e-vision.

BAP readers don’t have idle hands. They’re picking up literal rocks, running on the beach, and sharing their values through demonstration on Instagram or Twitter. They believe in objective beauty, gender roles, and retreat as a measure of biding time to gain resources before the coming failed state.

Merited infotainment seems to be a more effective alternative to meritless infotainment and idle hands than simply counter-programming it with our own.

America can be made great by rejecting the expert class on subjects where they need hours of television programming to argue the proof of their latest scam. We need muscles and a radical commitment to traditions that work with little to no downside.

Some in institutional conservative circles may already get it. Maybe they were ahead?

Look at Tom Fitton’s muscles popping out of his dress shirts as he takes on the deep state; or Tucker Carlson’s unapologetic laugh offered as the retort ridiculous arguments deserve. These are attractive to young men and women looking for evidence that their grandmother’s values are indeed correct and, indeed, they are correct.

Fundamentally, the Left has a recipe for non-living and the Right has an argument about how to best maintain order when truly living. Both work according to the dominant narrative. 

While most in modernity have been distracted by the never-ending media cycle on their mobile device, many are waking up to these red pills. Therein lies the appeal of Bronze Age Pervert. At first glance, there’s a contradiction. And maybe there is but the proof in pudding is certainly more effective than the alternatives on both the Left and the Right. BAP calls us back to Greco-Roman culture, foundational to the birth of the West. The Greeks believed in physical growth as well as spiritual and mental growth. A man lacking in one of these aspects was considered deficient. Compare this to our modern world. How many of our elites or “experts” have ever deadlifted? How many of them have ever even stepped foot into a gym? How many of them know the mental searching in oneself that goes on in working out? And I’m not talking about cardio!

The Greeks also were aesthetics. They believed in the art of beautiful and walkable cities. If you could unplug for just a moment, you would see the aesthetic decline in our cities. Greeks had the Parthenon. We have taxpayer-subsidized stadiums where entertainment and political statements are made alongside sports play in order to subvert the values of the viewers.

Despite the conditioning and mass-hypnosis, humans know beauty to be innate.

Ironically, our culture’s repression of beauty is causing many to embrace beauty and aestheticism. As the renaissance eventually grew out of the middle ages, it may be that a new aesthetic culture will evolve out of our current culture.

One thing I’ve noticed is that physical activities that produce dopamine, show incremental and measurable progress, and make observable changes in ourselves and the world around us can generate that positive feeling. Ask any “gym bro” about the first time he benched 225 or 315 pounds. He’ll smile. He might even tell you who was spotting him when it happened. He’ll likely have a video of it. And I bet you he will be far prouder and more satisfied with that accomplishment than the “couch coomer” who “had nothing to do,” so he binged watched Season 4 of Charmed. Again.

Because progress in lifting weights works within that system just described; dopamine, incremental measurable progress, and observable changes in ourselves and the world.

This quarantine demonstrated that the Information Age has poorly organized our societies. Our experts had no idea what the hell they were talking about; the media played both sides of every argument for partisan ends; Silicon Valley social media companies censored contrarian and even correct experts and opinions, pegging themselves to debunked governmental bodies; and society showed an inability to pivot with the data.

There’s a real demand for knowledge that demonstrates itself and beauty that can be found in a well-planned garden and body. 

In a culture that rages against aestheticism, our only solution may be to revisit and demonstrate beauty. In a culture where cities are poisonously ugly, let’s rebuild one with beautiful and walkable cities. Let’s replace a society that glorifies gluttony, with one that is healthy, strong and attractive. Let’s replace a society that is filled with facts and knowledge, with one that seeks truth and wisdom. As Fyodor Dostoevsky said, “beauty will save the world.”

Beauty and demonstration may be the West’s best chance.

About Ali Alexander

Ali Alexander is a conservative political consultant and President of the National Bloggers Club.

Photo: Samuel Rush Meyrick and Smith Charles Hamilton/Getty Images

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