Media Fail: MSNBC Reporter Called Out on Camera While Trying to Shame Holiday Revelers in Wisconsin

Corporate media “Karens” were out in full force over the Memorial Day weekend to scold holiday revelers across the country for enjoying the great outdoors without wearing masks.

Despite the media’s coronavirus obsession, crowds of people flocked to beaches on the East and West coasts and to lakes throughout the Midwest, perhaps confident that the sun—with it’s powerful disinfecting properties—would quickly destroy any coronavirus germs discharged into the air.

In Wisconsin, hundreds of people gathered in Lake Geneva to enjoy the swimming, sunbathing, and culinary pleasures the area offers.

MSNBC was on the scene to record the uncouth savagery of the throngs.

“Are the people there just not worried about it?” asked reporter Katy Tur with obvious disdain. “They’re not worried about their own personal safety?”

“I haven’t met anyone who is,” replied on the ground reporter Cal Perry, who was apparently there to observe whether vacationers were practicing safe social distancing.  Perry, who was wearing a mask himself, added that he talked to some people from Lake Geneva who were worried that people coming to the area from Chicago might cause a “second spike.”

“But they’ll quickly add at the same time that this is a place that relies on that business,” Perry continued.

“I think people around here want a little bit more funding when it comes to these programs so that they [can] stay closed,” he added without evidence.

As the camera panned on a man who was walking by without a mask, Perry said, “as you can see, no one is wearing them.”

“Including your cameraman,” the man shot back. “Half your crew’s not wearing them!”

“Yeah—’kay!” the flustered reporter replied, throwing up his hands in embarrassment.

“Striking images!” Tur declared, ending the awkward moment.

On Tuesday, a woman who claimed to be the man’s wife posted the video he took onto Twitter.

“Full video my husband, Andy, took of @CalNBC at Lake Geneva on Memorial Day! Hypocrites on full display! @MSNBC Cameraman and other crew NOT wearing masks while shaming others exercising their freedom not to!” @Deana921 tweeted.

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