Morning Greatness: Senator Warner, Susan Rice Call for Flynn Intel Docs to be Released

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president arrives at Ford Rawsonville Plant in Ypsilanti, MI
  • President Trump participates in a listening session with African-American Leaders
  • The president tours Ford Rawsonville Components Plant
  • President Trump delivers remarks at Ford Rawsonville Components Plant

Curious push to release more Flynn intel documents…from the Democrats

Future indicted co-conspirator Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) asked acting-DNI and national hero Ric Grenell to release transcript of the intelligence documents in which Flynn was unmasked.

“As you are well aware, there are substantial protections built into the process for requesting that identities of U.S. persons be unmasked in intelligence reports, ensuring that the rights of individual Americans are protected and that unmasking requests are granted only to those who need the information in order to protect U.S. national security,” Warner wrote.

“[S]elective declassification for political purposes undermines the integrity of our system for protecting classified information, undermines the Intelligence Community’s credibility, and erodes public trust in institutions critical to protecting the nation,” he added.

Political purposes? If there was anything illegal in the Flynn comms they would have brought him up on charges. But they didn’t, the set him up on a lame perjury trap.

Something is afoot. Professional liar and self-memo writer Susan Rice has also called for the release of the Flynn Kislyak transcripts. Even Flynn’s lawyer doesn’t have the transcript of the call.

“In the interest of transparency, Ambassador Rice again calls upon the Director of National Intelligence to release the unredacted transcripts of all Kislyak-Flynn calls,” spokeswoman Erin Pelton said in a statement on behalf of Rice. “The American people deserve the full transcripts so they can judge for themselves Michael Flynn’s conduct.”

I don’t know what are in the transcripts but Flynn is a career intel officer, he knows the snoops surveil the communications of diplomats. (Of course he didn’t know at the time he was also surveiled.) What would he have said that would be incriminating? Whatever the reason for the calls to release the documents, it’s not an altruistic one.

Trump threatens states who plan mail-in voting

This effort is merely an effort to cheat, we all know that. President Trump called out two (Democrat-run) states, Nevada and Michigan who want to expand their mail-in voting programs.

The president, who has often railed against mail voting by alleging — without evidence — that the voting alternative is ripe for fraud, singled out Michigan and Nevada in the morning over each states’ effort to use absentee and mail-in ballots for upcoming elections over the coming months by falsely claiming the states acted “illegally” and threatening to “hold up” federal funding to those states.

“Without evidence.” HA! Cut them off.

Watch Florida Governor DeSantis spank the media

Coronavirus news:
Oh, what’s this now? Coronavirus ‘does not spread easily’ by touching surfaces or objects, CDC now says. But it still ‘may be possible’.
NOPE. Apple and Google launch digital contact tracing system
Is China the new leader on the world health stage?
Fauci conspicuously stops doing TV interviews as White House moves to reopen economy
Oh come on. Kamala Harris introduces Senate resolution saying phrase ‘Wuhan virus’ is ‘anti-Asian’
Ted Cruz suggests NBC’s a ‘subsidiary’ of Chinese gov’t after reporter says China is doing ‘diplomacy better’ than US
America’s roads deadlier during coronavirus pandemic, safety group finds
Top HIV scientist says don’t count on having a coronavirus vaccine anytime soon
Doctors raise alarm about health effects of continued coronavirus shutdown: ‘Mass casualty incident’
Senate votes to boot rules-flouting Chinese companies off stock exchanges
Coronavirus Was Likely ‘Imported Into’ Chinese Wet Market ‘By Humans’ — Not Animals, Study Finds
South Carolina will allow attractions to reopen ahead of Memorial Day weekend
Wilson Roosevelt Jerman, former White House butler who served through 11 presidencies, dies of COVID-19
Trump says he will finish his hydroxychloroquine regimen ‘in a day or two’
Swimming during the pandemic: What the CDC wants you to know before you hit the pool
Diabetes medications could treat COVID-19 in glucose patients, new research shows
China seizes control of PPE factories, sparking fear of new coronavirus wave
Kayleigh McEnany slams CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s use of ‘less safe’ drug to fight coronavirus
Homeowners are getting mortgage relief they didn’t want

Chinese virus state thuggery
Illinois House votes to remove representative who refused to wear a mask in session
Chicago fines churches for holding services in violation of statewide lockdown order
Virginia Movie Theater, Bowling Alley Owner Tells Northam He’s ‘Going To Reopen’ After $105K In Losses
Minnesota archdiocese defies state’s coronavirus limits on religious gatherings
NC Stay-At-Home Order To Be Lifted But Gyms, Bars And Several Other Businesses Must Remain Closed
California to give guidelines for restarting TV and movie production
Texas asks most state agencies to cut budgets by 5 percent
California’s Reopening Plan Discriminates Against Churches, DOJ Says

Other morsels:
Oh my. Zelensky seeks probe over leaked audio of Biden linking US aid to Ukraine prosecutor’s ouster
Supreme Court blocks release of Mueller grand jury documents to House
Chinese Virus Information War: China’s Government Accounts Post 90,000 Tweets Since April
Grassley says Trump pushing for drug pricing action after Senate lunch
McConnell: Beefed up unemployment benefits will not be in next coronavirus bill
Cory Gardner threatens to block Senate from recess
Hillary rakes in millions for Biden — but he’s still far behind Trump
Sen. Loeffler’s husband cuts $1 million check to pro-Trump super PAC
Fortune 500 CEOs Use H-1B Visa Workers to Grow a Bonded-Labor Workforce
Trump wants to bring G-7 gathering of world leaders back to Camp David for in-person meeting
Biden leads Trump by 11 points in new national poll as approval of coronavirus response ticks down
Largest contract yet for US-Mexico border wall announced, worth $1.3 billion
Ruling that would expand Texas mail-in voting put on hold by appeals court
Facebook Evicts PragerU from Normal Public Visibility, Claiming ‘Repeated Sharing of False News’

And that’s all I’ve got, now beat back the angry mob!

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