Notorious Soros-Funded Group Pushes for Vote-by-Mail to Become ‘Default Option’

The Center for American Progress, an infamous far-left group that is funded by radical European billionaire George Soros, declared that voting by mail “must become the default option for the vast majority of Americans,” as reported by Breitbart.

The think tank, which is directly connected to Soros’s Open Society Foundation and other similar groups in his vast network, is using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to push for nationwide vote-by-mail. Danielle Root, a spokeswoman for the group, said that “state officials must not delay in implementing vital policies such as vote by mail and extended early voting for upcoming elections.”

A plan to implement nationwide vote-by-mail was included in the most recent coronavirus stimulus bill, written and passed by House Democrats, worth $3 trillion overall. Republicans have expressed fierce opposition to the bill, with many saying that it is dead on arrival in the Senate.

Vote-by-mail has led to widespread cases of voter fraud in states where it is more frequent. A prime example is California, where in 2018, Democrats flipped seven House seats held by Republicans; several of these seats had the Republicans in the lead on election night, but suddenly flipped to the Democrats weeks after the election due to “late” ballots being discovered. Democrats have also tried to claim that in-person voting is dangerous due to the current environment; however, Wisconsin’s recent presidential primary was required to be mostly in-person voting, and the process rolled out smoothly, without any spike in cases as a result.