Navy Grants Waiver Allowing ‘Transgender’ Person to Serve as ‘Their Preferred Gender’

Despite a ban on transgenders serving in the military, the United States Navy recently granted a special waiver allowing a male sailor to serve while pretending to be a woman, according to CNN.

A Navy spokeswoman confirmed that “the acting Secretary of the Navy has approved a specific request for exemption related to military service by transgender persons and persons with gender dysphoria.” The anonymous sailor, who wants to go by female pronouns, thus confirming that he is a man who thinks he is a woman, had sued the Navy in March to protest the ban.

The sailor was represented by multiple far-left groups, including the GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights. Additionally, Jennifer Levi, a spokeswoman for the radical gay rights group GLAD, claimed that “there ae other equally qualified transgender service members who have sought waivers and are still in limbo, despite being perfectly fit to serve.”

The ban on transgenders serving in the military had already been in place until the Obama Administration, when it was lifted. President Trump subsequently reinstated the ban early into his first term. Despite the attempts by a far-left judge to overturn the ban, the Supreme Court eventually ruled that the ban was legal and allowed it to remain in place for the entirety of the military.

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