Watergate and #Obamagate

Andrew Breitbart was right. Politics follows culture.

Since I left the White House, I have written two books. The first was titled Why We Fight and was mostly about the external threats we face as a nation and how President Trump plans to defeat them. Then I realized “foreign enemies” were the least of our problems and that I had to write about the domestic foes who are trying to dismantle America from within. That book became The War for America’s Soul which came out in October of last year. It opens with a brief but reliably coruscating foreword from my Salem radio colleague Dennis Prager, and then my prologue about what had just happened at my daughter’s college graduation from a very liberal northeastern college.

Then I start the book proper with the story of the attempted coup against my former boss, Donald Trump. I gave that opening chapter the simple title “Obamagate.” That was a full seven months ago. It may have taken more than half a year, but finally President Trump embraced the phrase. And a week ago Sunday—on Mother’s Day—he tweeted one word: #Obamagate. In a week that one short post from the 45th commander-in-chief has been liked more than 400,000 times. Politics is most definitely downstream from culture.

Why have almost half a million Americans agreed with that neologism? And why did President Trump use it now? Because Americans now have the requisite proof that the 44th president of the United States was himself involved in the most significant abuse of power in modern American political history.

For more than three years we have been told that the Trump campaign and Trump Administration were “colluding” with Vladimir Putin’s Russia. A special counsel was empowered to investigate the incumbent president, but to no avail. Twenty months of investigation, dozens of federal agents, hundreds of subpoenas, warrants and interviews, without one scintilla of evidence found.

But thanks to Attorney General William Barr, Acting Director of Intelligence Richard Grennell, and Lt. General Michael Flynn’s new attorney, Sidney Powell, we have ironclad evidence of a criminal conspiracy to defraud the American electorate, frame an innocent man, and surveil a presidential campaign and administration, for political purposes.

Yet not one journalist or mainstream media organ has admitted they were wrong about the Russia hoax. Even now, when we have incontrovertible evidence of multiple crimes committed by the Obama Administration, the establishment press have pivoted 180 degrees to label talk of these crimes unfounded “conspiracy”

The Watergate scandal has an unparalleled pole position among American political scandals and within the national psyche even today, 48 years after the bungled burglary at the DNC offices in Washington, D.C. It has now been eclipsed in a fashion that should worry all Americans who believe in our Republic and in blind justice. It has been eclipsed by a scandal of gargantuan proportions that is rightly called #Obamagate.

In the last few days and weeks, we have learned the following:

  • Retired three-star general, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and newly sworn in national security advisor to President Trump, Mike Flynn, was targeted by senior FBI leadership. Their  intention was to get a combat veteran of impeccable record “to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”
  • After he was charged with a process crime any American could be trapped into, the FBI and Department of Justice hid exculpatory evidence from the courts and Flynn’s legal team, evidence that proved his innocence.
  • FBI Director James Comey admitted that when he sent agents to the White House to interview and trap General Flynn, he did so in a way that broke all standing procedures for interrogating government officials, failing to inform Flynn that he was under investigation, or that he had the right to have legal counsel present.
  • Outside of the political targeting of Flynn, hundreds of American citizens were caught up in intelligence intercepts, citizens whose identities were “unmasked” at a rate never before seen, with scores of Obama officials making hundreds of unmasking requests, all the way up to include then-Vice President Joe Biden.
  • And most disturbing of all, President Obama himself was fully aware of the political targeting of Flynn. In fact, Obama was so in the loop that he was in a position to brief Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, who knew nothing about the secret surveillance of President-elect Trump’s closest national security advisor.

Just on the basis of these recent revelations, a former U.S. attorney and special counsel has determined that numerous members of the Obama Administration are in legal jeopardy for having committed felonies for the politically-motivated exploitation of our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies during an election.

After the bungled burglary in the Watergate complex, 69 government officials would eventually end up being charged with a crime, and 48 of them would be found guilty, and a president would be forced to leave office.

Not one Obama Administration official, or holdover bureaucrat, has been charged with any crime stemming from #Obamagate, a scandal that involved the FBI, NSA, CIA, Vice-President Biden, and President Barack Obama. We are now less than six months away from the election. Attorney General Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham, are you listening?

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