Which Is Worse for Black America, COVID or the Democrats?

There is an old saying among black Americans: “When America catches a cold, black America catches pneumonia.” It can be prophesied: Every “brushfire” in America becomes a full-blown “towering inferno” in black America.

What can also be prophesied is the likely response from the Democrats who have occupied and controlled the entire black community in America for the past 55 years: “It’s because of racism. We have no responsibility.”

This became apparent when the facts regarding African Americans and COVID-19 began to surface. They are devastating.

According to the New York Times, in Louisiana, blacks account for 70 percent of the deaths from COVID-19 but only 33 percent of the population. In Alabama, they account for 44 percent of the deaths and 26 percent of the population. According to the New Yorker, 72 percent of the deaths from the virus in Chicago are black Americans. Their Democrat occupiers have responded with the same old excuses.

The New York Times’ Jamelle Bouie wrote the “pandemic has everything to do with the racial character of inequality in the United States.” The Guardian reported, “longstanding health and socio-economic disparities have made minorities more vulnerable to Covid-19.” About COVID-19’s effect in the black community, the BBC reported: “These all are things that can be tied back to structural racism.”

These pronouncements are obvious. What these purveyors of social commentary always seem to omit is the great question: Why?

Why are these “things,” as the BBC called them—obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, poverty, illiteracy, diet, smoking, HIV, and poor health choices—more devastating in the black community than in the rest of America?

It’s not because of being black. These problems are the result of habits. And those habits, likewise, have nothing to do with race but have everything to do with the cultural genocide exacted by the Democratic Party upon the black community.

Like their Democratic Party masters before them who destroyed the African culture of their black slaves to keep them on their actual plantations, these current Democrat masters destroyed another black culture in order to maintain the current political plantation.

For almost 60 years, the Democratic Party has had total control of the black community. Like the old plantation owners of the past, their fortunes and futures are bound to the occupation, oppression, and cultural genocide of the black race in America. The education, health care, economics, information, and safety of every inner-city black community is under their absolute authority. During that time, the character, morals, and structure of the black community has changed dramatically.

As during the days of plantation cotton, the learned helplessness inherited during this cultural genocide is the primary benefit for Democrats who garner more than 90 percent of the vote in many of these imprisoned enclaves. The people in these communities are not being served. They are being occupied, oppressed, and controlled. These communities have more in common with Venezuela and North Korea than with the rest of the United States.

Democrats first banned guns. Drugs were then pumped into these communities, followed by extreme violence. Bill Clinton’s crime bill then saw to it that nearly 40 percent of black males were imprisoned. Families fell apart. Businesses and employers fled. Food deserts soon developed. Poverty and government dependency ensued.

With many parents either locked up, drug-addicted, or murdered, the children were forced into government-run re-education camps (they call them schools). In these re-education camps, they are forbidden to practice their religion or culture, which prior to the Democratic takeover had encouraged Christianity, freedom, chastity, forbearance, family, hard work, and respect. Instead, the attempt is being made to indoctrinate them with the liberal Democrat culture of secularism, dependency, victimization, impulsiveness, laziness, gluttony, and cruelty.

Anyone who attempts to hold members of the black community or Democrats accountable for these outcomes is called racist and is summarily silenced by the press. Ask President Trump when he confronted black Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings about the deplorable conditions of Baltimore. He was called a racist.

Better yet, ask Surgeon General Jerome Adams. When he remarked that African Americans could control the virus by avoiding drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, NBC News reported: “The Adams statement is at best, irresponsible and, at worst, reflective of systemic structural racism.” It did not matter that Adams is black.

C.S. Lewis wrote, “God does not send us to hell. Hell is a choice.” Kanye West got into a lot of trouble when he repeated in public the oft-stated African American line that “slavery was a choice.” With people choosing to go to hell, and with the current examples of incredibly oppressive conditions forced upon them by the Democratic Party, how can one say blacks did not choose the slavery of the Democratic Party before 1965, when most are choosing it in 2020?

Black Americans must come to believe that they have the power to change their circumstances. The idea of victimization, learned helplessness, and dependency, perpetuated by today’s Democratic Party and their comrades in the mainstream media, has created modern slave plantations in the inner cities. It is destroying us.

A May 6, 2014 headline in the Washington Post reported: “Just 7 percent of the press are Republican.” This adds clarity. With their consenting silence, Democrats in the mainstream press are equally invested in the cultural genocide of the black community. This oppression is not a mistake. It is a plan.

The COVID-19 pandemic is another illustration of the systematic deconstruction of a race and a culture. Sadly, it is being orchestrated in plain sight, under the guise of integration, hope, and change. Very few make it out free.

The Democrats are a disciplined and relentless foe. With their political power hanging in the balance, the Democratic Party will never voluntarily give up this control. On the contrary, they will viciously attack and attempt to destroy anyone who attempts to liberate the minds of these oppressed people. Therefore, as Americans, let us be reminded of the motto of our best and bravest, the U.S. Army Special Forces, whose mission is to liberate oppressed people all over the world: De oppresso liber (To Liberate The Oppressed). Now, let’s do it in America!

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