Cynthia Nixon Says Biden is ‘Courting Hard-Core Racists’ With Coronavirus Ad

Cynthia Nixon recently took to Twitter to attack presidential hopeful Joe Biden for his recent political ad that takes aim at Donald Trump for his approach to China, and how he himself would combat the coronavirus pandemic, Fox News reports. 

The former Sex and the City star accused Biden of “courting hardcore racists” on Sunday in a Twitter response to New York State Assemblymember Yuh-line Niou, who called Biden’s ad “racist and xenophobic” and suggested that it supports the notion that China is culpable in the spread of the novel virus.

“Who had Joe Biden put this hateful xenophobic ad up? Joe needs to focus on getting Democrats and Independents excited, not courting hard-core racists,” Nixon tweeted. “You won’t get them, Joe, and you’ll make the rest of us sick to our stomachs.”

Nixon, who unsuccessfully ran against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in  2018, had been campaigning hard for Bernie Sanders in the 2020 presidential election until he suspended his bid to be the democratic nominee.

While campaigning for Sanders in February, Nixon accused Michael Bloomberg of misogyny in an article for NBC News following the Democratic debate in Nevada, the first that the former New York City mayor participated in.

“We are not unified when we tell women to accept a candidate whose misogynistic comments rival those of his fellow billionaire currently in the White House,” she wrote at the time. “Unity means that we rally behind a candidate who sees us all and has a platform that creates the most good for the greatest number of us.”

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