America Must Prove the Future Is Freedom

Dear Mr. President:

Communist China is a strategic threat and presents a rival model of governance to the United States and liberal democracies throughout the world. It is a challenge we must meet and surmount, for the world is watching and awaiting the outcome.

Unlike many of your predecessors, you have commenced confronting this threat, notably the Beijing regime’s predatory trade practices that have gutted our nation’s manufacturing base and stolen the jobs of hardworking Americans. The results of your initial efforts have begun to accomplish what many said could never be done: the repatriation of our manufacturing base and jobs back to the United States. Combined with your historic tax reforms, the economy under your stewardship soared, including real wages rising and unemployment dropping to record lows.

And the world took notice of what our free people had achieved.

Today, the lives and livelihoods of Americans here, as well as those of nations around the world, have been endangered or tragically taken due to a pandemic spawned by Communist China’s tyrants concealing the COVID-19 virus from its own people and the world—a cover-up that continues to this day.

Relying upon the experts, you have led the way in advancing the hard but necessary public health measures to protect the American people. To your immense credit, as an entrepreneur yourself, you made this call understanding these lifesaving measures would stop our economy in its tracks. Already, you and your administration have fought for and provided economic relief to help people get through these difficult days until our country can get back on its feet, get back to work, and keep America great.

While America and every nation afflicted by this pandemic grapple with the human toll and economic and societal consequences of COVID-19, Communist China—the nation culpable for spreading this pandemic contagion—isn’t engaged in an apology tour, let alone a simple apology. It is engaged in a propaganda campaign to blame the United States and our military, in particular. Abetted by the World Health Organization and, unconscionably, by some in the American media, the regime continues to lie about its COVID-19 cases and deaths. It goes so far to claim that it has the virus under control. Beijing is sending and/or selling faulty medical equipment around the globe, and proclaiming itself the world’s pandemic’s savior—not its originator.

Why? Because the world is watching and waiting.

Like Lenin, Stalin, Castro, and other Communist carnival barkers, the Beijing regime proclaims itself the wave of the future. Unlike the United States where we know liberty is the foundation of our prosperity and security, the Chinese Communist Party insists liberty is the enemy of prosperity and security. In the wake of the Hong Kong freedom protests and the  ripples those protests sent throughout the mainland, the death and destruction the CCP’s COVID-19 cover-up is causing the Chinese people is an existential threat to the oppressive regime.

Denying liberty, if the regime cannot even provide prosperity and security, seems a poor bargain. Why would the rest of the world consider the communist model one worthy of emulating? And, closer to home, the Chinese people will seize the opportunity finally to put this gangster government in the ashcan of history—as they once tried to do in Tiananmen Square, where they were butchered by this hideous regime (and where the CCP also reported zero deaths).

This is not the first time our free republic and her allies have faced such a generational challenge, as the world watched and waited. During the Great Depression, many demagogic ideologues and their deluded followers declared our free republic and other liberal democracies to be antiquated. They proclaimed fascism or communism were the future. And, as the world watched, America and her allies proved them wrong.

Under your leadership, Mr. President, the world will watch America and her allies prove them wrong again about Chinese Communism.

Recently, amidst this pandemic, you have rightly taken more steps to confront the challenge of Communist China and its enablers.

You have raised the prospect of cutting America’s contribution to the World Health Organization. The United States currently covers 20 percent of the WHO’s budget. China covers about 10 percent. In return for our contribution, the American taxpayers expect the WHO to be accurate, objective, and credible. Despite paying 50 percent less than the United States, China is getting a far better return on its investment: rather than safeguarding world health, the WHO enabled Communist China’s cover-up of COVID-19 and the subsequent peril caused to world health.

While this raises the question of whether the WHO believes Communist China is the wave of the future, it leaves no question the WHO should receive no further money from U.S. taxpayers, whose health and prosperity this failed organization has decimated through malfeasance and in collusion with communist China.

In restoring American prosperity in the wake of Communist China’s covered up COVID-19 pandemic our nation won’t be starting from square one, thanks to your foresight and ongoing efforts.

In addition to the already occurring repatriation of jobs back to our shores, for the sake of Americans’ health, prosperity, and national security, we must incentivize the return of critical pharmaceutical and medical supplies manufacturing back home, so we can never be never extorted by Beijing communists or by any other country for any reason. We must fully guarantee America’s medicines are safe and available when we need them, like the essential personal protective equipment that keeps our doctors, nurses and first responders safe from contracting diseases and infections when they are helping the ill and most vulnerable amongst us.

Further, building upon your historic accomplishment in negotiating the USMCA trade agreement, the United States should be looking to engage in more “free trade with free nations.” In the near term, America should keep a keen eye out for partnering with countries possessing the raw materials needed to produce medicine, vaccines, and testing for which we currently, dangerously, rely on Communist China.

In the larger picture, we should be leveraging the economic power of the United States to enlist our European, Asian, and Pacific Rim allies to join us in new trade agreements. Based upon the inalienable liberty of free peoples and free markets, the international prosperity and comity produced by these economic agreements will end the delusion that the future will be communist.

At another critical time for our nation, while the world again watched and waited, an American president was pilloried and undermined by the Democratic Party, their allies in the media, academia, and Hollywood. Despite their venom, President Ronald Reagan called out the Soviet Union as an “Evil Empire,” and demanded that Mikhail Gorbachev “tear down this wall.” While Gorbachev did not heed that call, thanks to President Reagan’s policies, the people of Eastern Europe did heed it and the Russian people followed suit by casting off the Communist yoke.

As he charted and navigated the demise of Soviet Communism, President Reagan maintained the lines of communication with Gorbachev and, indeed, he forged a friendship with him. In the Cold War, the stakes were too great for a miscommunication. But President Reagan was never blinded to the nature of the regime led by Gorbachev. Never wavering, President Reagan and his administration steered the Soviet Union off the world stage.

Thus, despite its ruling Chinese Communist Party being “engaged in a full-court blitzkrieg” and a “very serious threat to the United States, geopolitically, economically, militarily, and a threat to the integrity of our institutions given their ability to influence things”—as Attorney General William Barr sagely put it, America, as you have noted, has no quarrel with the Chinese people. This is true. But if one genuinely cares about the Chinese people, one must condemn the Chinese Communist Party. To do otherwise, is to enable and abet the CCP’s human rights abuses of the Chinese people.

As in the Cold War, however, we don’t have the luxury of shunning or ignoring this regime. America’s strategic interests are too important, and the potential costs of a miscommunication or misunderstood incident are too great.

Nonetheless, this does not preclude a policy of strategic containment of and decoupling from communist China—a policy already given voice in a nascent shape by Vice President Mike Pence, a stellar defender of global liberty and human rights. Based upon the necessary actions you have already taken—including rooting out communist Chinese espionage and identifying agents of influence within our borders—through the continued articulation and implementation of this policy America will lay the foundation for the demise of the CCP, and help usher a free China onto the world stage as a welcome member of the community of nations.

Once more, the world is watching and waiting for America to prove the future is freedom.

About Thaddeus G. McCotter

The Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is the former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, current itinerant guitarist, American Greatness contributor, and Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show."

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