Morning Greatness: Time to Cancel the World Health Organization

Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president receives his intelligence briefing
  • President Trump participates in a phone call with military families on COVID-19 response
  • 5:00pm Members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing

Media, blue check mark mafia want networks to blackout China virus task force briefings Why on earth would the media not want the public to watch the daily China virus briefings with key personnel involved in our fight against the pandemic? If you intend to brainwash the public and don’t want them to see and hear the information themselves, that’s certainly something the media would do. And of course, they don’t want viewers to see Trump appearing to “handle” the crisis because it makes him look competent and like a leader. And the “journalists” who ask questions during the press conference aren’t taking the health crisis seriously. The celebrity journalists don’t ask questions about medical, health or epidemiology, they ask questions designed to “get” Trump. CNN clown Don Lemon is a big advocate for keeping the public in the dark and amenable to CNN gaslighting. When are people going to get it through their heads that the corporate media is trying to indoctrinate their viewers rather than transmitting information to the public.

Fox News reports, “CNN raised eyebrows Tuesday after it chose not to air President Trump’s initial prepared remarks at the daily White House coronavirus briefing.”

Media darling, Dr. Tony Fauci, called Jim Acosta on his schtick in yesterday’s conference. Acosta wanted someone, preferably Trump to admit there would be less death and illness if social distancing had been forced upon us sooner. In other words he wanted an admissions they had delayed saving Americans by not cracking down. Fauci responded, “If there was no virus in the background, there was nothing to mitigate. If there was a virus there that we didn’t know about, then the answer to your question is probably yes,” he said. Fauci added, “The only trouble with that is that whenever you come out and say something like that, it always becomes almost a soundbite that gets taken out of context.” He also said, “In a perfect world, it would have been nice to know what was going on there, and we didn’t,” he said. “But I believe, Jim, that we acted very, very early in that.” BOOM.

Related information from the presser:
White House projects 100K to 240K coronavirus deaths as Trump tells US to prepare for ‘very painful two weeks’
Dr. Fauci: Research showing coronavirus can travel 27 feet in air is ‘terribly misleading’
Birx Clears The Air: Governments Were Slow To Respond To Coronavirus ‘Because’ China Covered It Up
White House projects grim death toll from coronavirus

Democrats keep trying sell that Trump was lazy, didn’t act on China virus threat I’m sure my readers here know that while China was imprisoning suspected infectees and watching their bat virus kill its citizens, Trump banned China travel into the U.S. and set up a task force in January. He did this after the despicable WHO was lying and telling people there was no human-to-human transmission of the bat pathogen. What were the Democrats doing, propped up by the media? Impeaching the president. There was almost no coverage of what was happening in China by the Pulitzer blue check mark posse.

Cocaine Mitch, appearing on Hugh Hewitt’s show said yesterday, the crisis “came up while we were tied down in the impeachment trial. And I think it diverted the attention of the government, because everything, every day was all about impeachment.” He went on to say, “The Democrats, it seems to me, want to turn the President’s handling of all this into a political liability for him. I see he’s getting attacked in campaigns.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy ripped the Democrats as well. “They were preoccupied with impeachment instead of protecting this country,” McCarthy said. “That’s exactly the only thing they focused upon. And then you watch Nancy Pelosi, I watched her sit there and say those words, and it was very upsetting to me as an American, not as an elected official but as an American.”

Clearing out the prisons so there’s room to put China virus outlaws inside So the ACLU and the usual suspects are demanding that prisoners be released because the China virus is ravaging the jail system. At the same time, despotic state leaders are threatening to fine and jail people who are standing too close together or congregating in church or other places. What the hell?

California to release up to 3,500 non-violent inmates amid coronavirus outbreak
Federal prisons ramp up coronavirus precautions, keep inmates in cells for 2 weeks
Coronavirus Jailbreak: California Gov. Gavin Newsom Commutes Sentences for 14 Convicted Killers
Police are arresting and fining people for violating social distancing orders

Masks: yea or nay? At first, we were told not to buy and wear masks because medical professionals needed them and the government didn’t want the freaked out public hoarding them. We were told that masks don’t do anything to prevent the Chinese virus from infecting the mask wearer. Now, we are hearing the government is rethinking their anti-mask position. How will we all get masks? Hospitals don’t even have them.

Should you wear a mask? US health officials re-examine guidance amid coronavirus crisis
Austria to make face masks mandatory at supermarkets
Should we all wear face masks to fight coronavirus? CDC says no, guidelines remain unchanged

The pernicious World Health Organization: It’s time to cancel the clowns over at the WHO. They are in no way a simple outfit, monitoring and coordinating world health situations. They are a China proxy who lied to the world about the deadly China virus, praised China’s handling of the virus (which included forcibly kidnapping people to imprison them with those infected and soldering them inside their houses and of course, lying)  and continue to defend China, who is responsible for releasing a plague on the world.

World Health Organization Spends Twice As Much On Travel As On Medical Supplies
Tucker Carlson blasts WHO leadership as ‘lapdogs’ for the Chinese government
Rick Scott calls for congressional inquiry into WHO’s coronavirus response

General virus news:
OH. Suspected SARS virus and flu samples found in luggage: FBI report describes China’s ‘biosecurity risk’
CHINA VIRUS Susan Rice Bashes Pompeo Over ‘Wuhan Virus,’ Says It’s ‘Shameful For The United States To Be Race-Baiting’
Coronavirus death rate much lower than previously reported, study says
California nursing home sees more than 50 coronavirus infections
Pentagon takes aim at coronavirus with 8,000 ventilators
The poorest will suffer. Safety-net health clinics cut services amid coronavirus epidemic
Worried about paying rent on April 1? What states are doing, and not doing, to help
Give the money back. Kennedy Center boss tells staff $25M coronavirus handout won’t save them
GOP seeks to claw back Kennedy Center’s $25M stimulus payout, as opera house continues layoffs
Pence task force freezes coronavirus aid amid backlash
White House pressures FDA on unproven Japanese drug
Senior Advisor To Anti-Trump Super PAC The Lincoln Project Calls Trump ‘Retarded’
Firearm Industry Focusing Efforts On Safety Through Pandemic
Sheldon Adelson donating 2M masks to first responders: report
Virtual meeting with black University of Texas students cut short by racist ‘Zoom bombing’
Nielsen records 85 percent increase in Americans streaming video
Iran Has Lost 17 Officials, Nearly 15,000 People to Chinese Coronavirus
ESPN and TNT Could Lose Nearly $700 Million if the NBA Season is Canceled
California governor reports total of 6,932 coronavirus cases but expects numbers to rise
Report: North Korea Has Lost over 100 Soldiers to Coronavirus, Still Claims Zero Cases
Trump rejects Obamacare special enrollment period amid pandemic
Alec Baldwin suggests Trump is the ‘virus in the US’: ‘Vaccine arrives in November’
Carnival seeks $6 billion as Covid-19 pandemic devastates cruise industry
After ‘Zoom bombings’, other incidents, FBI warns of videoconferencing hijacking amid coronavirus
Captain of aircraft carrier struck by coronavirus wants sailors off ship

Other morsels:
Not just Trump but everyone! Problems in F.B.I. Wiretap Applications Go Beyond Trump Aide Surveillance, Review Finds
OUTRAGEOUS. ‘This Is Mind Boggling’: Arlington Store Owner Defends Employee Jailed For Shooting Masked Burglars
U.S. outlines plan for Venezuela transition, sanctions relief
Obama slams rollback of vehicle emission standards in rare rebuke of Trump

And that’s all I’ve got, now go stay home and eat junk food!

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