Morning Greatness: Social Distancing Directive Extended to April 30

Good Monday morning.

Here’s what is on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president has lunch with the Vice President
  • 5:00PM  Members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing

Here’s my latest at Real Clear Policy: Media is Woefully Irresponsible on Supposed Link Between Vaping & COVID-19

Put it on your to-do list: The latest episode of Happy Hour with Julie and Liz is in the can. Go and listen!

Here’s the latest on the Chinese Virus:

Buckle up, kids, the social distancing has been extended to April 30. “The better you do, the faster this whole nightmare will end,” the President said Sunday . According to CNN, the president said “that modeling shows that the peak of the death rate will likely hit in two weeks. We can expect that by June 1st, we will be well on our way to recovery, we think by June 1st. A lot of great things will be happening.”

Dr. Fauci says the U.S. could have 100K+ Chinese Virus deaths and millions of people infected. Fauci appeared on a Sunday political snuff show and said, “We’re going to have millions of cases,” Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said, noting that projections are subject to change, given that the disease’s outbreak is “such a moving target.”

The FDA has approved chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for emergency use for patients hospitalized with the Chinese Virus.  Also, the USDA has also approved a new technology “to sterilize protective masks worn by those treating coronavirus victims.” Battelle, a Columbus-based non-profit, makes a machine that can sterilize up to 80,000 masks a day. The FDA originally only allowed Battelle to decontaminate 10,000 masks a day.

Trump says some hospitals are hoarding ventilators. Well, I don’t blame them, what happens if they need them? Can they get them back? I hope my neighborhood hospital doesn’t give up their ventilators. “We have some healthcare workers, some hospitals … hoarding equipment including ventilators,” Trump said at the White House following a meeting with corporate executives. “We have to release those ventilators — especially hospitals that are never going to use them.” I don’t think so.

Do you rely on Instacart for delivery? I have some bad news for you. “A group called the Gig Workers Collective is calling for a nationwide walk-out Monday. They’ve been asking Instacart to provide workers with hazard pay and protective gear, among other demands.” The company is trying to hire 300,000 more contractors to make deliveries and already has 200,000 contractors working for the company. Instacart says it will make “hand sanitizer available to its full service shoppers.” Did you think you could just use Amazon Prime Now? Not so fast. Amazon workers are also staging a walk out. “Employees are protesting Amazon’s decision to keep the Staten Island warehouse open despite news of a confirmed case of the virus there last week, said Christian Smalls, an assistant manager at the facility who is leading the walkout.” Amazon said they are testing temperatures at their facility sites.

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Other morsels:
NY Times called ‘ridiculous’ for labeling Sen. Tom Coburn ‘ultraconservative,’ ‘Dr. No’ in obit
Trump says US will not pay for Prince Harry and Meghan’s security. They say they don’t need the help
Justice Department reviews stock trades by lawmakers after coronavirus briefings
At least 17 reported tornadoes hit Central US during severe weather outbreak

And that’s all I’ve got, not go buy some toilet paper!

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