Washington Post Doxxes Man Who Wants America’s Economy to Reopen

The Washington Post recently posted an article containing personal information about a man who simply tweeted that he believed the American economy should eventually reopen from the coronavirus-induced shutdown, thus exposing him to left-wing backlash.

Among the personal information outed by the Post about Scott McMillan was his age, his occupation, and the city where he lives in California. McMillan’s tweet on Sunday, in response to President Trump’s declaration that “we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself,” simply posited the question of “whether or not we are going to tank the economy to save 2.5% of the population.”

McMillan subsequently said that over the course of the next 48 hours, he received at least nine death threats. Nevertheless, he did not apologize for his comments, adding that “nature does this every so often – it wipes out a bunch of us.”

McMillan’s tweet reflects the widespread sentiment that America must eventually reopen its economy relatively soon in order to avoid a major depression, which is likely to cause just as many problems as the coronavirus itself.