Biden Apologizes for Insulting President Trump on MSNBC

In an interview with MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden attacked President Trump several times over the handling of the coronavirus outbreak, only to apologize after every insult, as reported by Breitbart.

First criticizing President Trump over what Biden considered a slow pace on shipping out medical supplies, such as ventilators and surgical masks, to the afflicted states, Biden rhetorically asked “Why doesn’t he just act like a president?”

Biden then immediately apologized, admitting “that’s a stupid way to say that, but I really…” When Wallace encouraged him to finish his thought, he responded with “Probably best I don’t.”

Later on in the interview, he said that he “just can’t figure the guy…it’s like watching a yo-yo.” Biden apologized immediately after this remark as well, saying “I shouldn’t have said it that way.”

Biden has been widely criticized for his actions, or lack thereof, during the outbreak of the coronavirus. He has hardly done any interviews or campaign events and has not put out any statements addressing the crisis. His inactivity during the outbreak, after becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee earlier this month, led to such hashtags as #WhereIsJoe, pointing out his incapability of leading the country during such an ordeal were he to become president.