Corona Virus Revealed Sanitized Politicians But an Infected Media

It is often said that in times of crisis we are able to see the true motivations, aspirations, and inhibitions of people and institutions. And indeed, the coronavirus pandemic has given us that opportunity.

In this era of toxic political rhetoric, it would have been predictable that politicians appear unable to put aside rank partisanship even amidst an international crisis. Certainly, coming off the heels of a partisan impeachment, the thought of President Trump and Democrats working together seemed unlikely.

Yet, in what amounts to a breath of fresh air (which we need both metaphorically and literally during these extended quarantines), Democratic local governments and the Republican federal administration have been able to reach across the aisle to work together in an attempt to put an end to this national nightmare.

Most interestingly, it seems that the governors who find themselves in the bluest of states—and thus perhaps have the greatest political motivation to work against President Trump at all costs—have led the charge in presenting a unified bipartisan front.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has praised the president’s efforts amidst the coronavirus crisis calling President Trump “energetic” and “fully engaged” on tackling the issue. California Governor Gavin Newsom, who has quarreled with Trump many times in the past, has also said he has “no criticism” of the way the administration has gone about mitigating the problem. Even on the federal stage, where there is more frequent bickering between the two parties, Congress was able to pass a bipartisan piece of legislation aimed at preserving the economy as it becomes increasingly unstable.

The people seem to be happy with this bipartisan effort to take down a common enemy, as political poll after political poll has shown that the general public is in favor of the way the president has handled the crisis, despite a sloppy Oval Office speech coming out of the gate.

So it seems, despite good reason to think otherwise, that when America is facing a true cause for concern, even politicians who are known for a “harsh and fierce tone of partisanship” can unite to take care of the American well-being. In sum, at their root, many of our politicians are clean.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for the American media. During this debacle, the media has shown themselves to be the very toxic, thick-skulled, pompous morons many of us thought them to be. Quite the coincidence, given that they are a group that prides itself on being the savior of American society and the preserver of fundamental rights.

Throughout the entirety of the epidemic, the media has been singularly focused—nay, obsessed—with Trump’s decision to refer to the coronavirus as the Chinese virus. Instead of focusing on statistics and information that could be helpful to the American people, the media has retreated to what they know best, racial pandering:

Jim Acosta, famous for appearing on CNN and for being the biggest hack in the entire White House press corps, also had something to say about Trump’s usage of “Chinese flu”:

Acosta’s criticism is particularly ironic because he himself referred to the coronavirus as the Wuhan virus before the media deemed it unsavory to do so. As did his employers at CNN:

Not only is the press refusing to move on from this not-all-that-compelling talking point, but when a colleague changed the topic during a press briefing, he was unprofessionally left a threatening anonymous note on his desk:

Apparently, according to the media only phony moral outrage contributes to stopping coronavirus, nothing else.

All of this led one sane individual from the media to call his colleagues’ behavior “one of the most disappointing” experiences he has had as a member of the press.

When hysteria breaks loose and pandemonium reigns, we see people at their very core. And the mainstream media, at their very core, are a bunch of useless partisans who care far more about making the president look bad than about serving the American public with helpful information.

One might have thought that politicians, who risk losing their seats if they drop their façade even momentarily, would be slower to drop the political games than the media has been. Seemingly, the media has less to lose and more to gain by simply doing their jobs properly.

But that has not been the case because the media is infected. They’ve been infected long before the arrival of the coronavirus. They are infected with an unprecedented level of hatred, with an air of entitlement, and a ghastly sense of their own superiority.

But America can rest easy. Although we have an absolutely poisonous mainstream media, the truth is our politicians, generally speaking, can be counted on when lives are truly in danger. Just be sure to get your information from alternative sources.

About Elliot Fuchs

Elliot Fuchs is a New York-based political consultant and writer. Follow him on Twitter @Elliot_Fuchs.

Photo: Eric Baradat/AFP via Getty Images

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