Morning Greatness: Geezers Debate as Wuhan Virus Shuts Down America

Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

10:30AM   Members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing

  • The president participates in a video teleconference with G7 Leaders on coordinated action in response to COVID-19
  • President Trump participates in a video teleconference with Governors on partnership to prepare and respond to COVID-19
  • The president has lunch with the Vice President
  • President Trump receives his intelligence briefing

Old geezers shake fists at the sky during “debate”

Medically-fragile Democrat duo Biden and Sanders met in some sort of clean room to “debate” last night. One of the most irritating things about these set ups is that the pretend moderators never question what the candidates say. They don’t know enough or don’t want to discredit any of the crazy crap these jokers are spitting up. No one says “Well, who will pay all the people that will lose their job or be out of work because our country is in the middle of a pandemic? Will you force companies to pay? What if the company can’t afford to pay their employees when they have no revenue coming in? Will the government force them out of business? Is it better for businesses to close temporarily and rehire their workers or should the government jackboot drive them from operation forever?” We don’t hear anything about reality from these fools or the “moderators.”

Tomorrow there are some primary elections with more than 500 delegates up for grabs. People are supposed to “socially distance” especially those who are vulnerable but those people are the Joe Biden voters. Could Bernie sweep with the younger people who ignore instructions to distance and go to restaurants and bars and primary elections while Biden voters are busy washing their hands? It could happen.

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Wuhan virus shuts down America

Read Deb Heine’s article about the pork-filled Wuhan Flu bill from the House and their sneaky games.

Businesses, restaurants, Disneyland, Broadway…it’s all shutting down. Social distancing is the new normal. What will this do to our economy? What unforeseen consequences will we see from such rapid changes? These are the kinds of events that leave a big mark.

The fedgov, a hero to some and enemy to others, is not designed to mobilize rapidly in a health crisis. Perhaps there will be an overhaul to agency bureaucracy that is dragging down our ability to respond with speed. Ridiculous processes for drug companies, labs, health care professionals to spring into action do not serve us.

A good example of this is the benevolent FDA allowing pharmacists to compound hand sanitizer now there’s a national shortage. Really? Compounding pharmacists make our drugs all day long but the FDA had give approval to for them to mix aloe vera gel and alcohol? The agency said “it won’t take any enforcement action against certain facilities or licensed professionals who make hand sanitizer for consumer use as long as they use high quality ingredients and follow a recipe laid out by the agency.” Good grief.

I’ve heard several media-lefties squawk about how the U.S. turned away the World Health Organization’s Wuhan virus test. Why did we refuse? Was it because the test would need to undergo a burdensome approval process by health agencies and it would be faster to develop our own?  South Korea had a WuFlu test very quickly but testing came from four private corporations. Our corporations have no incentives to do that because their tests would be stuck in a red tape mess for a year or more. Also, South Korea is a surveillance state.

It’s no help that our pharmaceutical supply comes from foreign countries.

The media and the Democrats continue to use this tragedy as a political hammer. At these (mostly) daily pressers they ask gotcha questions to Trump or Pence instead of asking the scientists for information that would be useful for for the public. On the one hand, the media pretends its message is “don’t panic” but the media and the Democrats are constantly manufacturing reasons that the leadership is incompetent, lying, misleading them. We have disgusting ghouls like Democrat scribbler Jen Rubin calculating that more MAGA idiots will die than Democrats.

Wash your hands, if you’re in a vulnerable population, wait it out in the safety of your home.

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Washington state orders all restaurants and bars to close over coronavirus
California calls for all seniors to stay home, closure of bars and wineries
Los Angeles shuts down bars and clubs, limits restaurants to takeout and delivery
Las Vegas Strip resorts closing as a result of coronavirus: MGM, Wynn, Encore
Trump Tells Consumers To ‘Relax’ In Grocery Stores
United warns of cash bleed, empty planes even after more schedule cuts
Americans will have access to more than 2,000 labs for coronavirus testing, Pence says
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Peace Corps suspending operations, evacuating all volunteers over coronavirus
Emergen-C responds to boozy ‘quarantini’ with vitamin C: ‘We do not recommend’
Idiots. Coronavirus ’emergency’? Oregon police ask people to stop calling 911 because they ran out of toilet paper
Nike, Urban Outfitters and other retailers shuttering stores temporarily because of coronavirus
Lindsey Graham says he tested negative for coronavirus
Here’s a complete list of every state health department’s coronavirus website
Tenn. brothers donate sanitizer products bought for resale
Federal vaccine development sites ill-suited to counter covid-19 epidemic

Other morsels:
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And that’s all I’ve got, not go wash your hands!

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