Morning Greatness: China Claims Wuhan Flu Came From America

Good Friday morning.

Here’s what is on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president meets with Industry Executives on COVID-19 Response

I have a condensed version of the Greatness for you this morning.

Julie Kelly and I have a podcast, here is a link to our latest episode. Go have a listen.

The Wuhan Flu i is closing everything: schools, sports events, Broadway and Disneyland
Chinese Foreign Ministry suggests US Army to blame for coronavirus pandemic
China falsely blames US for coronavirus pandemic
Despite entry of large private labs, coronavirus tests remain scarce in U.S.
Sam Bee Calls Out Virus ‘Racism,’ Tying to China Is ‘Racist Orchestra’
New Roche coronavirus test wins emergency U.S. approval
Graham to self-quarantine after Mar-a-Lago trip
Wait, how did Lindsey get a test? Lindsey Graham awaiting coronavirus test results, self-quarantining in meantime
She might be right. AOC claims US coronavirus testing reaches ‘wealthy and powerful’ sooner
Sick, but denied coronavirus testing
Ohio health official estimates 100,000 people in state have coronavirus
Without Evidence, Politico Suggests Trump Intentionally Exempted His Resorts From Travel Restrictions
Trump expected to sign order unleashing coronavirus funding
Belgium closes schools, bars and restaurants
LOL. Trump officials did sound the coronavirus alarm. They just don’t work there anymore.
This is Chinese propaganda. Possible anti-Asian hate crime fueled by “bigoted notion” about coronavirus, New York governor says
Coronavirus can live in your body for up to 37 days, according to new study
Globetrotting influencers combatting coronavirus with designer face masks
American Airlines pilot based out of Dallas tests positive for coronavirus
Australian Home Minister Peter Dutton tests positive for coronavirus
Coronavirus school closings: Ohio, Maryland, Michigan become first states to shut all K-12 schools
Wynn Resorts uses thermal cameras to screen guests, 100.4 degrees or higher asked to leave
No penalty? Hotel chains differ on cancellation fee policies around the coronavirus
HHS Secretary Azar: Goverment, hospitals are prepared for worst-case scenario
Newsom executive order allows California to commandeer hotels, motels to house coronavirus patients
Rep. Katie Porter gets CDC chief to agree to pay for coronavirus testing
CIA identifies a suspected case of coronavirus in its workforce in Washington
Broadway shuts its doors over ongoing coronavirus concerns
Scientist links 2 state outbreaks with genetic fingerprints
Fact Check: No, South Korea is Not Beating Coronavirus thru ‘Medicare for All’

Presidential primary:
Oh, really? Biden ad manipulates video to slam Trump
Clowns. Sanders, Biden call for national unity in fight against coronavirus
Karl Rove blasts Biden for ‘crass’ coronavirus fundraising email: ‘Does he have no shame?’

Other morsels:
U.S. surveillance program to expire after renewal stalls in Senate
NYT ‘1619 Project’ Makes Clarification To Essay Amid Controversy
US Strikes Iran-Backed Militia That Hit Iraq Base
The president of US Soccer steps down as he apologizes for legal document’s language
Chelsea Manning ordered released from jail after more than a year locked up
Trump “postpone” idea shot down by Japanese Olympic minister
Human Smugglers Leave Pregnant Migrant, Unborn Child to Die After Fall from U.S. Border Wall
Judge Nukes Trump’s Promise to Protect American Graduates from H-1B Outsourcing

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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