Morning Greatness: Wuhan-Media Virus Infects America’s Information Stream

Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president meets with the Secretary of State
  • President Trump meets with Bankers on COVID-19 Response
  • The President and First Lady have dinner with the Vice President and Mrs. Pence
  • 5:30PM Members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing

Biden cleans up at Tuesday primaries

Sleepy Joe who had another “episode” yesterday, gathered more delegates in the primaries than Bernie Sanders. Pundits praised Biden’s electoral prowess but remember this Biden surge is mostly manufactured by the media. Biden was tanking and the establishment-media complex was all about Mike Bloomberg until he beclowned himself beyond belief at his lone debate performance. The Democrat machine doesn’t have anyone else to support after the poor performances in Nevada and South Carolina of Warren, Amy!, and Mayor Pete. It had to be Joe.

The problem is Sleepy Joe has to be heavily managed because he is clearly “off.” He already has had his campaign appearances shortened to prevent him from phasing out and going off piste. This is what Hillary’s handlers did and the media will let them get away with it. I remember after the 2016 election, reading the book “Shattered” which was supposed to be about Hillary shattering the glass ceiling but was quickly edited to reflect her the shattered presidential ambitions. The book was brutal about her campaign shenanigans but all the scoop in the book was withheld from the public during the campaign to protect her. The media will protect Biden in the same way. His campaign handlers will wheel him out with pope-mobile like security, he will speak briefly and they will pack him up and take him to the next location. But it’s a done deal, it’s going to be Biden.

Can Biden be managed in a debate setting? A debate is set for Sunday with Bernie (without an audience) but Biden might just pull out of it claiming nomination victory.  He will have to debate Trump and that will be quite a production.

REPORT: DNC Asked Twitter To Label Trump Campaign’s Video ‘Manipulated Media’ On Behalf Of Biden Team
Of course he does. Rep. Jim Clyburn Wants DNC To Cancel Future Debates
Next Democratic debate ditches live audience over coronavirus fears
Exit polls show Joe Biden primary wins fueled by women, African American voters
Trump campaign announces Wisconsin event shortly after White House advises to ‘avoid crowding’
Andrew Yang endorses Joe Biden for president

Wuhan-Media virus infects America’s information stream

The ghoulish media and the Democrats continue to showcase Wuhan Flu, criticizing the administration, gleefully reporting its spread, business hardships and event cancellations. How should this epidemic have been handled? We don’t know because we don’t get solutions from the resistance only screaming. And yes, it’s the WUHAN FLU, that’s a fact-based description. It’s not racist, the flu originated from Wuhan. Full stop.

During the daily Wuhan-media virus press briefing yesterday, “journalist” Jim Acosta asked the task force if President Trump was still going to shake hands with people. UM…that’s your question about this plague devastating our community and sickening people?!? Not about the vaccine, not about further travel restrictions or what measures are recommended for nursing home residents but Trump’s hand-shaking. What a clown, really. There’s another crisis in America, and that’s the crisis of trust in the media. We are experiencing a public health crisis and the corporate media cannot be trusted to accurate report information. It’s scary.

Expect this continue because as more tests become available, more people will be officially diagnosed with the virus and the media will proudly display the disease count. Now remember, this virus first appeared at the end of November in China. Infected people were moving around the planet for at least two months before restrictions were put in place. This virus has been simmering in the population for awhile. I’m not downplaying it, if you are older and compromised please take extreme care. I’ve quarantined my mother, she is high risk. But if you aren’t in a high risk category, take steps to keep your hands clean with thorough washing and avoid sick people.

Boston conference is the epicenter of state’s coronavirus outbreak as Massachusetts governor declares state of emergency
US airlines cut more flights as demand plunges due to coronavirus outbreak
Biden to deliver address on coronavirus on Thursday
CDC chief says it’s wrong to call COVID-19 a ‘Chinese virus’
It’s literally from CHINA. Pelosi joins Asian American lawmakers in demanding McCarthy apology for ‘bigoted’ tweet
Trump officials considering extending tax-filing deadline over coronavirus: report
‘They Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves’: Dr. Drew Blasts Media’s Coronavirus Coverage
Gridiron Dinner, an annual D.C. tradition, canceled over coronavirus concerns
Panicked Brits steal hand sanitizer from hospitals during coronavirus shortage
Coronavirus vaccine could be ready by April, Chinese officials say
More than 10,000 people in Italy have coronavirus
New York’s solution to hand sanitizer shortage: Prison labor, hourly wages below $1
White House press sec demands retraction after Vanity Fair reports Trump in ‘total meltdown’ over coronavirus outbreak
Close all of them to visitors. VA nursing homes to stop visitations, new admissions amid coronavirus, except in special cases
WTF? Rep. Matt Gaetz slept in Walmart parking lot overnight, confirms he tested negative for coronavirus
MGM Resorts temporarily closing Las Vegas buffets amid coronavirus outbreak
Brit Hume warns Biden’s gaffes suggest former VP ‘is losing his memory and is getting senile’
TSA says 3 San Jose airport employees have tested positive for coronavirus
Google has asked all of its North America employees to work from home to prevent coronavirus spread
Restaurants struggle to survive as coronavirus turns Seattle into a ghost town

Other morsels:
Minneapolis mayor proclaims March 10 ‘Abortion Provider Appreciation Day’ in the city
Senate to vote Wednesday on reversing DeVos student loan rule
Harvey Weinstein Said Jennifer Aniston ‘Should be Killed’ In Unsealed Court Documents
NY GOP files complaint against Schumer for Supreme Court judge threat
New York man who threatened Ilhan Omar sentenced to year in prison
Pornhub faces bipartisan scrutiny, calls for investigation amid trafficking concerns
House moves forward with FISA overhaul amid ‘spying’ backlash
Trump snubs Sessions, endorses Tuberville in Alabama Senate primary runoff
4 deaths, 30 hospitalizations linked to listeria outbreak in recalled enoki mushrooms

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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