Socialist-Style Slavery and Big-Money Politics

Business is booming for political entrepreneurs—and may be about to become even more lucrative. Leftist media personalities boost their ratings (and earnings) by heaping outrageous ad hominem scorn on Republicans. Ambitious socialist political entrepreneurs are competing with their liberal and progressive counterparts for the Democratic Party’s storied trade name, established base of voters, and ready-made places on the ballot in all states and U.S. possessions.

That package of assets is worth lots of money and votes to whomever can grab the biggest chunk of it. And if the “Democratic” ticket wins on November 3rd, those assets will have been the key to gaining vast amounts of wealth and power in Washington.

If a lethal left-wing combination of liberal, progressive, and socialist Democrats not only won the presidency but also gained control of the Senate and the House of Representatives, it would be “game over” for individual and religious liberties, upward mobility, free-market capitalism, and prosperity in America. A self-perpetuating oligarchy of sticky-fingered socialist-leaning Democrats would, as a practical matter, have nearly absolute control—constitutional or not—over every aspect of every American life.

They would be the “master” and we, like a mule hitched to their socialist plow, would be their “means of production” or, leaving aside the Marxist lingo, their slaves. The push toward socialism (and socialist-style slavery) is especially odious when unscrupulous race hustlers try to bamboozle African Americans into believing that socialism—or the near equivalent favored by liberal Democrats—is an extension of the civil rights struggle.

The Democratic Party is now composed of four factions of increasingly authoritarian leftists—all feuding with one another in their quest for power and the Washington kind of “wealth.” First, there are the elitist establishment liberals like Joe Biden, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) who long have sat atop the big-government pyramid in Washington milking, bilking, harming and deploring those of us who work for a living. Then, there are the doctrinaire academic leftists of the Elizabeth Warren type who favor an even more regimented society and economy, perhaps similar to the Chinese model. Next, there are the Obama-inspired, mostly young and often overtly anti-American progressives who are definitely on the make for power and wealth and who appear to be heading toward a government-run economy. Finally, there are the Sanders-types who admit to being socialists and who are defined by their youth, the covetous eyes they cast on other people’s money and property, and their belligerent disdain for America and American-style upward mobility earned by merit and hard work.

Democrats in all four of the feuding factions fit the authoritarian Marxist model that makes government bigger and enriches those who control it. Their efforts would shrink the economy, limit or abolish constitutional rights and, therefore, radically reduce our freedoms and well-being. Phony poses to the contrary, neither Biden nor any other Democratic candidate for the White House or a seat in the House or Senate are centrists, moderates or small “d” democrats.

When it comes to leftist policies that zap jobs and wage growth, their only questions are “how much?” and “how quickly?”

The Leftists’ Big-Money Extortion Racket

Liberal, progressive, and socialist Democrats, whether running for president or for Congress, all know that care must be taken when expropriating property, imposing confiscatory high taxes, and putting commissar-like bureaucrats in charge of corporate and financial “stakeholders.” Too much too soon will turn the economy into jello and kill the goose that lays the golden eggs they plan to gather unto themselves.

They maximize their power, perks, and wealth by wounding the goose, threatening to kill it, and then granting dispensations to special pleaders who obey instructions. Tax rates and regulatory burdens for “stakeholder” corporations and CEOs will vary from medium high to extremely high. It all depends on obedience. Individuals who comply with the deep state’s detailed instructions will earn “good citizen” points. If you earn enough good points, you will pay taxes at less than the highest rate, and may be permitted to live in a neighborhood you like while your kid may be allowed into a good college. You will be poor compared to now, but you will stay out of the gulag. The casebook I studied in law school called this “extortion.” Lenin called it “New Economics” when serfs were allowed to keep for themselves a little bit of the crops they produced. The Mafiosi call extortion “an offer you can’t refuse.”

The Biden-type establishment liberal Democrats long ago built and have been testing in Washington several prototypes of this kind of economically destructive extortionist system. The most famous is called the Internal Revenue Code. Decades of testing prove that high taxes kill jobs and lower both pre-tax and after-tax wages. The tax extortion system contains tens of thousands of special dispensations for the favored and special penalties for the unfavored. It is constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul.

The Liberal Democrats’ Identity Crisis

After having taken a hard-left turn downward into “progressivism” and identity politics with Barack Obama in 2008, the Democratic Party is now having an identity crisis of its own. It also seems to have lost its moral compass and intellectual capacity.

Faced with Bernie Sanders and his mob of socialists and the lack of a strong sure-footed alternative, the Democrats’ establishment panjandrums are squealing like panicked pigs as the Democratic Party they built, ruled, and exploited for decades fumbles and flounders. It is being torn apart by the inevitable bad consequences of the open borders, anti-Americanism, anti-capitalism, anti-jobs, anti-decency, anti-Christianity, anti-white, anti-male, anti-motherhood, anti-family policies they forced on America to its great detriment—and theirs.

Having done so much damage, not only to America but to the Democratic Party as well, establishment liberal Democrats have a special obligation to help fix things. Therein lies a moral dilemma for some of them and moral clarity for others.

The best thing for America (and for the Democratic Party) would be for Bernie Sanders and his comrades to win 1,991 delegates, become the nominee, and on November 3, 2020 get overwhelmingly rejected by Americans who rise up in near unanimity to reaffirm their opposition to socialism and all other variations on the totalitarian Communist menace we Americans spent a good portion of the 20th century defeating. The election campaign would be a therapeutic debate Americans have long needed to have among themselves. The result could also be a much-needed catharsis for the Democratic Party. Maybe it could get the elitist extreme left-wing venom out of its system and again become the pro-American, pro-working class party it once was. Joe Biden is not the answer.

Billionaire Politics: The Biggest Political Heist in History

The most devastating possibility imaginable would be for Ocasio-Cortez progressives, Sanders socialists, Biden-Schumer-Pelosi-led establishment liberals, deep state saboteurs, and the anti-American leftist media to make a deal—perhaps at the convention—that unites them with Michael Bloomberg’s $60 billion in an effort to extend and redouble the Democrats’ ongoing attempt to politically assassinate Donald Trump and take over the government by illegitimate means. With unlimited amounts of money (bribery) and a proven willingness to use skullduggery (high crimes and misdemeanors), there is no limit to the additional damage they might do to constitutional norms.

America’s foundational idea of representative government empowered by free and unencumbered elections, where citizens make their own choices for leaders to rule in limited ways for limited periods of time, is already up for grabs. It probably could not survive the biggest, most destructive political heist in history.

With the skillful application of a billion dollars and the cooperation of the left-wing media, it is possible that either Joe Biden or Michael Bloomberg (or the two together) could, for political marketing purposes, be invested with paragon-like characteristics (all poll-tested), and raised to the level of potential Nobel laureates. With a little more well-financed finagling, that might even win the presidency.

As part of the big money bargain, Bernie Sanders could become secretary of the treasury and Elizabeth Warren, attorney general. Pete Buttigieg could become secretary of defense and Amy Klobuchar, vice president.

Michael Bloomberg is only one of many billionaires capable of investing those billions to fix an election. Once the precedent is established, purchasing the White House, the House, and the Senate would become the norm.

Chief Justice John Roberts recently pointed to the ability of social media to quickly create and spread something that is false. He then warned that in such circumstances, we should not take our democracy for granted.

Too much money in an election can also create and spread something that is false. We should all be on guard against it, lest we lose our democracy.

About Ernest S. Christian

Ernest S. Christian, a lawyer, served as a tax policy official in the Treasury Department in the Ford Administration.

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