Morning Greatness: Swampy Joe Biden Surprises on Super Tuesday

Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president delivers remarks at the Latino Coalition Legislative Summit
  • 5:30PM Members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing

Swampy Joe sweeps Supa Dupa Tuesday

Sleepy, swampy Joe is the big winner on Super Tuesday. The big losers are Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren. Sanders made a disappointing showing winning only California, Colorado, Vermont and Utah. Mike Bloomberg won American Samoa and Sanders won the rest, including a surprise win in Texas. But the delegate count is close with Biden at 397 to Bernie’s 356.

Certainly the last minute bribes made to Amy! (VP?) and Mayor Pete helped Biden, I’m sure they were promised a mythical Biden Administration position, power position in the party or were threatened with the loss of Democrat party support for their future political efforts. There simply was no reason to drop out of the race when they did with only a 48 hour wait between South Carolina and Super Tuesday. They did it to stop Sanders and help the media generate a two-day long operation touting “Joementum.”

Mike Bloomberg really embarrassed himself and it remains to be seen if he will abandon his vanity run. Bloomberg wants to hang around as a failsafe in case Biden makes a public gaffe too difficult to ignore in which case the Democrats will need a last minute candidate that is not Bernie Sanders. On the other hand, he just might get out, who knows how these rich liberals think. He has the money to stay around.  Biden hardly makes any public appearances, much like how Hillary Clinton ran her campaign. In Joe’s case, he clearly has some kind of mental acuity issues so the less frequently he appears publicly the easier it is to cover up his problem. Again, this is a page out of the Clinton playbook.

Elizabeth Warren will probably drop out after losing her own state last night. Where will she go? Where will her supporters go? I think the best case scenario is 50% Biden and 50% Bernie.

It looks like there is going to be a brokered convention for the Democrats and the closer the delegate counts of Biden and Sanders the better for the GOP. If Bernie is leading, the Democrats will have their superdelegates give it to Joe. If Joe is leading, the Bernie supporters will see it as another spurn by the establishment. A  chunk of Bernie supporters will not support Biden but we don’t really know how many.

The next group of primaries are on March 10th, one week away. Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington will head to the polls next week. Buckle up.

Biden has barely visited any of the states he’s projected to win
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Mike Bloomberg’s $500M campaign DOA on Super Tuesday
Michael Bloomberg under-performing in key Super Tuesday states despite massive investment
Biden aide Symone Sanders jokes that she ‘broke a nail’ tackling protester
‘Let Dairy Die’ protesters storm stage during Biden victory speech on Super Tuesday
Frank Luntz: Bloomberg, Warren have ‘no defense’ for continuing their candidacies after Super Tuesday results
Elizabeth Warren suffers embarrassing defeat in home state of Massachusetts


The media and Democrats continue to exploit the coronavirus outbreak to hurt Trump. It’s disgraceful. The virus is a very serious issue of public concern but at least half of the general public does not trust the media. How can you know if they are telling you the truth or trying to hype up and spin information or “leaks” to make Trump and the Trump Administration look bad? You can’t know and that’s dangerous. The media have a vested interest in making this pandemic as bad and damaging as possible so they can blame Trump. Where can someone obtain straightforward information about this serious health crisis? I wish I had an answer.

My advice is to keep calm and wash your hands. Stop buying masks.

9th coronavirus death reported in U.S. as virus continues to spread
Anyone can be tested for COVID-19, subject to a doctor’s orders: Pence
South Korea pioneers coronavirus drive-through testing station
Americans are panic shopping for hand sanitizer and face masks
Trump donates $100G salary for coronavirus relief
Tracking the spread of coronavirus cases in the US and worldwide
New coronavirus cases in China traced to Italy, report says
US could test up to 1 million people for coronavirus by end of week, FDA says
Tammy Duckworth Claims That Mike Pence’s Plan To Fight Coronavirus Is ‘Just Pray’
U.S. CDC reports 108 cases of coronavirus, including presumed infections
Pence says coronavirus briefing will be ‘back on camera’ Wednesday
Denver Democrat faces backlash after tweeting ‘solidarity’ for spreading coronavirus at Trump rallies
How coronavirus differs from flu: Symptoms to watch for
Coronavirus cases pass 92,000 worldwide as more reported in US and Australia

Other morsels:
DHS Chief: More Than 700 Miles of Border Wall Already Built or On the Way
Trump tells House GOP and Barr to strike a deal on FISA reforms
Tornadoes kill at least 25 in Tennessee on Super Tuesday, crews search for missing
Ohio school denies that it threatened to suspend students for flying pro-Trump flags
Trump campaign sues Washington Post for libel
Trump tells Republicans he won’t extend surveillance law without FISA reforms
Maine vaccination law survives referendum vote
Labor Rights Group Alleges Uyghur Muslims Made Lacoste Gloves In Internment Camps
‘Magic Has No Gender’: Billy Porter Reveals He Will Play ‘Genderless’ Fairy Godmother In Cinderella Remake
John Bolton’s Book Delayed As White House Continues Its Review
Feds: Mystery witness will implicate ‘Putin’s chef’ in election interference
California UPS worker arrested for allegedly planning mass shooting at job
Arizona House approves ban on transgender female athletes
Alaska Airlines to end sponsorship of Iditarod after 40 years; PETA to send carrier vegan treats as a thank-you
Divided Supreme Court rules illegal immigrants can’t be shielded from ID theft prosecution
Liz Cheney: ‘My concerns remain’ about Trump’s peace deal with Taliban
Beijing responds after Trump administration restricts Chinese media outlets in US
ICE deports ex-Guatemalan soldier wanted for alleged role in 1982 massacre
Senate Intelligence leaders demand Trump administration declassify Khashoggi info
Alabama GOP Senate primary goes to runoff with Sessions and former Auburn football coach
2 Chinese men plead guilty to photographing US Navy base

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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