Bernie Sanders’s Shameful Lies About Cuba

Has anyone besides myself noted the irony? America, which spilled so much blood, money and effort to beat back Communism throughout the world, is on the verge of having a Communist candidate for the presidency.

Have Americans learned nothing? Are they really that stupid, that ignorant? Have their children been thoroughly brainwashed in Marxist schools and colleges?

Over the years, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) repeatedly has sung the praises of Communist dictatorships in Cuba, China, Nicaragua, and the Soviet Union (he also compared America’s involvement in the Vietnam War as identical to Hitler’s). He even went on his honeymoon to the Soviet Union. Did he tour the gulag, too?

I did not live in China, Nicaragua, or the Soviet Union, but I did live in Cuba.

My family and I escaped from Communist Cuba. Contrary to what Communists in America years ago have accused people like my family of being, we were neither wealthy nor followers of Batista (who was universally detested). Instead, we left because of the dictatorship, the sudden semi-starvation, the constant propaganda, the indoctrination at schools, the militarization of society, the paranoia, the constant surveillance, the secret police, the arbitrary arrests and disappearances for having said something wrong, the closure of newspapers, the lack of the most basic necessities for life, and because Cuba was becoming a Soviet colony.

And now Sanders implies that all we endured was worth it because Castro established literacy programs (so that the people could be better indoctrinated). Other countries have fostered literacy without hand in hand imposing a repressive dictatorship or starving its people.

But sure, that’s why we fled Cuba. We fled because we hated literacy! And that’s also why well over 150,000 Cubans have fled. And that’s not counting the many who have died on the high seas.

My family fled early on in the regime. The exodus still continues to this day. Are the people who are escaping the regime nowadays rich, or followers of Batista? Or is it that they don’t like literacy? Well, no, now the excuse is that they are simply seeking a better life economically.

But why are they leaving? Because of Communism. If you go to Cuba, you will find a decrepit country. You are likely to think that it has always been that way because it is a Third World country. But what you will not be told is that once, prior to Castro, Cuba was a vibrant, relatively prosperous country, with beautiful cities, devoid of shanty towns or crumbling buildings. You will not be directed to the Ladies in White, or Yoani Sanchez, or other dissidents who have been persecuted.

Ah, but wait! Sanders says he is not a Communist. In his “Revolution,” he will simply “restructure” society (his words).

Fidel Castro also said he wasn’t a Communist—in the beginning.

History repeatedly has taught us that Communism desolates every country where it is imposed. Every country! Twenty-eight countries have had Communism. In each and every one of them the economy went belly up, the population starved, and dictatorship, propaganda, secret police, indoctrination, militarization was imposed. Art, literature, and science shriveled up.

And yet . . . here we are.

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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