Morning Greatness: Trump #Resistance Desperate to Turn Coronavirus into an American Tragedy

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president receives his intelligence briefing
  • The President and First Lady participate in an African American History Month Reception

My latest at RealClearPolicy: House to Vote on E-Cigarette Flavor Ban Today

Media desperate to turn Coronavirus into Hurricane Katrina disaster

The Coronavirus, like everything these days, has turned into a political football. It’s so predictable but very unfortunate because pandemics are serious business.

We had clucking from Pelosi and Schumer because President Trump didn’t ask for enough money, he asked for $2.5B and they said the amount should be $8.5B. Why not have a call and discuss what the proper amount is and what we need to do to prepare “just in case?” Why aren’t our elected officials working together for the public interest? Those politicians who would use this potential crisis for political advantage are disgusting, hateful human beings. The Democrats don’t want Trump to handle the virus problem successfully or smoothly because they don’t want the president to look good. But that also means they don’t care if you or your family get sick and die.

We also heard criticisms because President Trump didn’t come out immediately with his hair on fire, screaming DANGER! DANGER! What is he supposed to do? Start a national panic? Hold a press conference wearing one of those containment suits and announce “WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!”? The president’s job in a time of uncertainty is provide reliable information and calm the public against a massive panic.

Would any of the Trump critics support stopping all international flights from entering the U.S.? I think if the president did come out and suggest we shut the borders down for public health reasons all his “critics” saying he isn’t doing enough, would melt down. Has any member of the media asked the presidential candidates specific questions about how they would handle this health crisis better than Trump?  No, of course not, because the media and the Democrats want to score political points.

Every effort should be made to prepare for a possible outbreak without regard for the political score board. I hope people see how they are held in contempt by the political elite who would risk their health and well being to obtain more power.

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Other morsels:
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6 dead, including gunman, in shooting at MillerCoors building in Milwaukee, officials say
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Federal health officials investigate E. coli outbreak likely linked to Jimmy John’s
Arizona’s most populous county becomes gun ‘sanctuary’

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