A Zone of Free Stuff, Forever

Democratic presidential candidates want to make the U.S. border an existential problem. If anybody has doubts about that, check out Joe Biden’s recent interview with Mexican government mouthpiece Jorge Ramos, who thinks he has a right to set U.S. policy.

When Biden was vice president, the United States deported millions of people, probably the only positive action of the 44th president formerly known as Barry Soetoro. Barack Obama’s vice president now thinks all of those deportations were a “mistake,” because legal as well as “undocumented immigrants” are key contributors to the U.S. economy. So accepting all comers, Biden says, “is not a burden. It’s a gift.”

Ramos loved it, for good reason. According to the Bank of Mexico, Mexicans abroad sent back $33.48 billion in 2018. Without that money, Mexico might collapse, so one can understand what Ramos is on about.

The vast majority of the Mexican remitters reside in the United States illegally. Americans have been told for years that 11 million illegals occupy the country, but according to MIT and Yale experts, it turns out to be closer to 22 million. Count 15 million Mexicans, somewhere in between, and that would amount to $2,200 per Mexican sent back to the motherland every year.

Count 10 million Mexicans, the number Xavier Becerra says lives in California alone, and the amount goes up to $3,300 per Mexican, sent back to Mexico in one year. Either way, the $33.48 billion is impossible without vast inputs from American taxpayers. Here’s how it works.

Mexicans come here illegally and many state and local governments are eager to get them on public assistance and give them a host of other benefits, including in-state tuition and health care. The city of Sacramento, California, even pays their legal bills.

This government largesse allows the false-documented illegals to work under the table for cash, pay no taxes, and send money back to Mexico. Without such public assistance, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers, there would be no way this could happen. Democrats want it to happen more, so if they gain the White House, they might swap out USA for ZFS, the Zone of Free Stuff (or whatever). In similar style, the current national anthem could be replaced with a more inclusive chant:

What do we want? 

Free stuff! 

When do we want it? 


And so forth. An expansion and validation of what is already going on in many states is underway. Legitimate citizens and legal immigrants who find this frightening might consider a simple way to stop it.

In the style of lobbyists, those who spend U.S. taxpayer dollars on illegal foreign nationals should be required formally to register as agents of the governments those foreign nationals represent. This would also apply to people like Jorge Ramos and pro-criminal lobbies such as the ACLU.

It would also be a good idea to demand reimbursement from the foreign governments in question for educational and incarceration costs. Otherwise, Americans are essentially propping up corrupt foreign governments. A ballpark figure for the amount reimbursed to date would be zero.

Joe Biden wants to take all comers and is on record that they are more American than many Americans. As Democrats contend, all illegals want to become Supreme Court justices, cure cancer, and help baby pandas.

On the other hand, as law-abiding legitimate citizens have noticed, illegals have been busy murdering American police officers such as Ronil Singh, Brian Ishmael, Danny Oliver, and Michael Davis, all those in California alone.

In 2011 in Rancho Cordova, Saul Isidro-Aucencio and Francisco Delgado gunned down Jamir Miller, 15, Richard Ward, 16, and Robert Corpos, all targeted, as the court record shows “simply because they were African-American” and shot down from behind with an AK-47. Local reporters did not identify these criminals as Mexican nationals illegally present in the United States. When Jamir Miller’s mother learned the truth, she spoke out in court.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Helena Gweon told the grieving mother the case had “nothing to do with illegal aliens.” So this judge has a lot in common with Biden, other Democrat presidential contenders, and pro-illegal Republicans like Jeb Bush.

According to Ballotpedia, Judge Gweon was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to succeed Charles Kobayashi. In 2014, as an unopposed incumbent, “she was automatically re-elected without appearing on the ballot.” Her term expires in January 2021. Maybe someone should oppose Gweon so the people can decide whether this woman belongs on the bench.

The families of Jamir Miller, Richard Ward, and Robert Corpos might not think so. Same for the families of Ronil Singh, Brian Ishmael, Danny Oliver, and Michael Davis, and the people they can no longer serve and protect.

As the MC5 put it back in 1970, the time has come to “Kick out the Jams.” Meanwhile, a memo from this legal immigrant for whoever gets elected in November: If you want to end sanctuary cities, step up the deportations, and keep out anybody who is not supposed to be here, that’s fine with me.

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