Morning Greatness: Billion Dollar Bloomberg Takes a Beating in Democrat Debate

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president delivers the Commencement Address at Hope for Prisoners Graduation Ceremony  in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • President Trump delivers remarks at a Keep America Great Rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Bloomberg pummeled in Democrat Debate

A fake Indian, a gay guy, a old guy who had heart attack four months ago, a verbally abusive Senator, a confused former Vice President, and a super duper rich gun grabber walk into a debate auditorium…

There was a debate showcasing the Democrats’ presidential wannabees last night. I watched it because I wanted to see how the candidates handled Mike Bloomberg, a new contestant in the presidential sweepstakes. Prior to the debate last night, Bloomberg had avoided public appearances in favor of buying tons of media, paying for influencers to gush over him and otherwise spending his treasure chest to get the nomination. At the debate last night, Bloomberg had to answer questions and face his opponents and his opponents were out for blood because they had actually worked for their votes and support. Generally speaking, people don’t like it when they feel cheated out their hard work. The irony is lost on the Democrats, I am sure.

Now remember, the corporate media and desperate Democrats were propping up Bloomberg as the one candidate who is viable (not a stark raving progressive) who can presumably beat Trump. Bloomberg was the darling, the special one, the favorite. And then the debate happened.

To say Bloomberg tanked is an understatement, he was unprepared for the most obvious attacks against him. It was pathetic.

Sick burn. Bloomberg was caught off guard. Here is how I would have responded: Senator Warren, would you support voiding the NDAs signed by capitol hill staffers who were paid off after being harassed or abused by their employers who are elected office holders? At the very least, would you support releasing the names of the elected officials who victimized staffers at the tax payers’ expense? Yeah, I thought so.

I think the “winner” if there is one, was Elizabeth Warren. She came out fighting and she came off looking very tight. Biden is the other loser after Bloomberg. He has to be finished soon. His performance was “meh”and he needed more than that to show he is viable. Consider how popular Obama was/is. How can Obama’s partner be doing so poorly? Put a fork in him.

As for the substance of the debate, it was business as usual: expensive social programs, open borders, free health care and climate pablum. Lather, rinse, repeat. The caucus in Nevada is coming up this Saturday and Bernie is leading the pack. Who will survive the Nevada caucus?

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And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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