Spygate: The Villains Aren’t the Victims

This political maxim remains and is made manifest in recent events: The Left ascribes its sins unto its victims.

The recent resignations of four Department of Justice prosecutors, because their wholly disproportionate, excessive, and—yes—political sentencing recommendation of seven to nine years in prison for nonviolent offender Roger Stone was countermanded by their superiors in the department, is a case in point.

While Stone was convicted of process crimes of making false statements and witness tampering (unrelated to any actual underlying crime), make no mistake, this near miscarriage of justice by some of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “dream teamers” wasn’t blind: the initial seven-to-nine year sentencing recommendation was precisely because of Roger Stone’s status as a confidant to President Trump.

And it served a larger purpose.

Deliberately filing such an excessive sentencing recommendation, defying their superiors to overrule it, and then resigning when justice was actually done, Aaron S.J. Zelinsky, Jonathan Kravis, Adam Jed, and Mike Marando cast themselves as the latest faux martyrs of “Orange Man Bad.” This also served to promote and perpetuate the latest disgraceful chapter in the Left’s implementation of the narrative that they are the victims of a vindictive Trump politicizing the Justice Department to punish his enemies and reward his friends.

Given that the swamp’s sole goal these days is to pretend it has any credibility left to save, on cue the collusion media have portrayed this incident as the latest norm-breaking constitutional crisis instigated by President Trump.

Further, the collusion media has used these conveniently timed resignations as yet another pretext to obfuscate, excuse, and ignore Spygate and instead pretend the Mueller report found evidence of Russian “collusion” with the Trump campaign. (“Collusion” being a swamp synonym for “bad” though not illegal.) Most importantly, for the collusion media and their fellow travelers, this incident further propagandized the Left’s big lie that “the villains are the real victims.”

The good news? Every day, fewer and fewer Americans are buying into the Left’s tired scam.

But what else to expect from the collusion media—these stalwart practitioners of “accountability journalism” (a swamp term of art for “Democratic messaging”) who have long been according themselves the coveted status of victim, which they believe will shield them from being held accountable for their complicity in Spygate.

But not to worry, this Noah’s Ark of alleged victims is big enough to house all the collusion media hacks, Democratic operatives, Obama administration officials, and other character-challenged Lefties constituting Spy-gate’s gaggle of bad actors who engaged in a coup to prevent and then to destroy the Trump presidency.

For those who have eyes but refuse to see, let’s take a quick trip down Malfeasance Lane.

The Obama Administration and its leftist cohorts weaponized the police and intelligence powers of the federal government—including the unmasking and leaking of names to the media—against innocent American citizens. In other words, spying on them.

Then, to escape accountability, Obama alumni both in and out of government and their leftist cohorts continued to weaponize the federal government—including carrying on with a kangaroo court impeachment—to thwart and oust a duly elected president and his administration.

All the while, the collusion media aided, abetted, and blatantly pimped the Russia-gate lie; and now they spew the new “narrative” that it is Trump who has weaponized the government against his enemies.

Yet again, the Left ascribes its sins to its victims. And, yet again, the Left falsely portrays itself as the victim of the aggrieved people the Left has sinned against.

The good news? Every day, fewer and fewer Americans are buying into the Left’s tired scam. (This, of course, excludes Michael Bloomberg, who aims to buy everything—including this leftist scam and maybe even the entire Left.) President Trump’s poll numbers are up, because he is delivering on his promise to make and keep America great again.

And one of those core promises is to end the Obama era’s abuses of the federal government for political gain. The perpetrators of these abuses are well aware of this; and, these martyrs of nothing save their own malfeasance, will do anything to escape being held to account. As the Durham inquiry into the origins of Spygate proceeds apace, the culpable Left’s panic and, hence, its rhetoric will intensify. To no avail.

Those who knowingly, willfully, and deliberately abused the public’s trust to commit malfeasance are not victims, they are villains. And, through the blind, impartial administration of justice, and for the sake of our free republic, these villains will be held to account.

About Thaddeus G. McCotter

The Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is the former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, current itinerant guitarist, American Greatness contributor, and Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show."

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