Caught on Video: Lefty Thugs Trash College Republican Display at University of California, Santa Cruz

Triggered by pro-Trump signage at a College Republican table, a pair of deranged leftists went on a violent rampage at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) last week, screaming obscenities, tearing up signs, spitting on a Betsy Ross flag, and tussling with the GOP students.

A video, posted by the College Fix on Wednesday, shows the triggered aggressors repeatedly asserting that the “Trump 2020” banner was a “flag of white supremacy.”  At one point, one of the College Republicans tried the wrest the flag back from the lead attacker, who was wearing a navy blue and white stripe shirt, navy blue stretch pants and a green cap with white polka-dots.

“I think he’s trying to assault me!” she cried.  While wrestling over the flag, the pair backed up several feet, knocking over a chair. The Republican student then fell onto the grass, still clutching the flag. At that point, the leftist vindictively tore down the College Republican’s big banner and lumbered off with it.

“Hey, f*ck this sh*t,” she said, before spitting on the Betsy Ross flag.

“Get a life!” one of the college Republicans hollered.

“You get a life!” she yelled back.

When the GOP students indicated that they were calling the police, the leftists began to retreat.

UCSC College Republicans, Dylan Temple, told the College Fix that he followed the aggressors to the campus LGBTQ center where he kept tabs on them until police arrived so they wouldn’t be able to escape justice.

The activists have since reportedly doxxed Temple, smearing him on social media with a false accusation that he attacked them at the LGBTQ center.

Temple said the day had been going pretty smoothly prior to the incident, that they had conversations with a few “Bernie bros” and other productive talks with peers, but then the provokers came around.

“They really brutalized our stand,” Temple said, adding one of the banners they tore had cost $60 to print. “And after everything was said and done … I told them they were going to get expelled, they decided to leave. At that point I just started following them with my phone.”

Temple said the reason he followed them is because when his President Trump cut-out was vandalized last semester during another tabling event — and he got pictures of the perpetrators — campus police told him the photos were not enough evidence. This time, Temple said, he wanted to make sure he did not lose sight of the vandals so they could be held accountable.

Hayden Williams, a conservative campus activist who was brutally assaulted by a black-clad leftist at UC Berkeley last year, was also present during the Feb. 7 melee at UCSC. His ordeal made national headlines at the time and led to appearances on Fox News and on the same stage at CPAC as President Trump.

Police eventually arrested the aggressor in that attack, 28-year-old  Zachary Greenberg, on March 1 of last year, but Williams told American Greatness that “he has requested multiple continuances to delay trial.” Williams is being represented by California-based attorney Harmeet Dhillon.

A UC Santa Cruz spokesman said in a statement to the Fix on Wednesday that UC Santa Cruz police are investigating the Feb. 7 incident, and expect to have the investigation completed soon.

“Campus officials are aware of an incident that occurred between students on the afternoon of Feb. 7, as members of the UC Santa Cruz College Republicans were tabling near the entrance to Quarry Plaza. UC Santa Cruz police are investigating, and hope to have the investigation completed soon,” campus spokesman Scott Hernandez-Jason said via email.

“UC Santa Cruz is committed to ensuring that all members of our campus community are able to exercise their constitutionally protected rights of free expression, speech, and assembly, and that they are able to do so in a safe environment. Free speech is uniquely important to a university, as it allows for the open exchange of ideas integral to our fundamental missions.”

Williams was not optimistic on Thursday that the aggressors in the Feb. 7 attack would be held accountable. “BREAKING: UNEQUAL OUTCOMES! Leftist assault goes unpunished!” he tweeted. “Meanwhile self defense by conservatives is prosecuted by university admins & treated as criminal. Campus police identified suspects – will not release information. Shame on @UCSC.”

When asked why he thought the thuggery would go unpunished, Williams told American Greatness, “They never are.” He added, “This ain’t my first rodeo!”

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