Triggered Media Spit Venom After Trump’s Post-Acquittal Speech at the White House

Corporate media news outlets reacted with predictable venom to President Trump’s triumphant post-acquittal victory lap, Thursday.

Trump presided over a jubilant crowd of conservative politicians and supporters in the East Room of the White House, and was in the mood to celebrate. It was a joyful and raucous event that most people in the room appreciated. But not the sourpusses in the mainstream media.

The president was greeted by thunderous applause as he entered the room to “Hail to the Chief” blaring in the background. Trump took the opportunity to personally thank members of Congress who had pushed back against the Russia and impeachment hoaxes, and he also called out the villains.

“We’ve all been through a lot,” the president told his supporters, taking the opportunity to reminisce about the many hurdles he’s had to face since coming into office. He stressed how damaging and dangerous the now discredited “Russia Russia Russia” conspiracy theory was.

“It was evil, it was corrupt, it was dirty cops, it was leakers and liars,” Trump said, calling the Russia hoax “all bullshit.”  He noted that if the same things had happened to former president Obama, the perpetrators would already be serving time in jail.

The president gave Rep. Devin Nunes a special shout-out for sniffing out the deep state coup attempt early on.

“This guy’s the other side’s worst nightmare,” Trump said.

A transcript of his remarks is here. His full remarks can also be viewed below:

On Twitter, the Washington Post’s Never-Trump “conservative” Jennifer Rubin encouraged headline writers to juice up their headlines about Trump’s victory event with words like “rant,” “unhinged,” and “frightful.”

News hosts and guests on CNN in particular seemed to have made ample use of their thesauruses, Thursday afternoon.

They lashed out at Trump, calling his speech an “angry,” “dark,” “disturbing,” “mean-spirited,” “poisonous,” “spiteful,” and “vindictive” “set of remarks” by a man in “a dark place” suffering from “deep psychological distress.”

With chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta presumably unavailable, fellow White House correspondent John Harwood filled in with the worst hyperbole and amateur psychology.

Harwood warned that Trump’s “rambling, disordered set of remarks” “was a very disturbing tableau for the country” and “dark because he’s made clear that his mind is dark.”

He stated without evidence (or an education in mental health) that he’s a man “in deep psychological distress right now, self-pitying, insecure, angry” who’s unable to “recognize abstract concepts like right and wrong, like morality or immorality, like true or false.”

A CNN article described President Trump’s celebratory event as a “vindictive” victory lap.

NBC called the president’s speech a “greatest hits of grievances” and an event that “had to be exceedingly difficult for Democrats to watch.”

 Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd channeled how the left would view the speech: “Well, look, I mean, for half of America it’s gonna feel like a dystopian speech of some sort, a Bizarro World speech…” He then conceded: …but for half of America, they have been celebrating all along.”

Todd warned that the President was “not over this” and “clearly is gonna be looking for some sort of revenge or vengeance.”

MSNBC’s Rick Stengel said that he was “appalled” by Trump’s post-acquittal event and posited that if people were forced to listen to the president, there would be no way they could vote for him.

“I heard John [Heilemann] earlier say he’s not going to express how appalled he was, because he’s done it so often,” Stengel began. “But I’m going to express how appalled I was by it. And I couldn’t help but think, these senators sitting in the room and listening to him rail on like this. And by the way, people, voters should be forced to listen to an entire Trump press conference because then I think it’s impossible to vote for him. But they’ve got to be sitting there and thinking: what a poor excuse for a president, what a poor excuse for a man, what a poor excuse for a human being. And I voted to acquit him.”

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo tweeted that Trump had “gone off the deep end.”

Lefty news site Vox said the event was “bananas.”

“The post-impeachment victory lap speech President Donald Trump delivered on Thursday from the White House has to be one of the most bonkers official events in presidential history.” 

Financial Review panned the president’s speech as “a lengthy tirade in a grievance choked victory lap.”

The Washington Post complained that the president expressed “no contrition” and called Democratic leaders “vicious and mean.”

The MSM’s extreme bias against the president has directly contributed to the public’s historically low trust in the media, yet they continue to bash the president, blissfully unaware that their continuous attacks are only helping to reelect him.

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