Team Trump Poised to Sail to Reelection while Democrats Flail

If the results of the Iowa Caucuses are any indication, President Trump is going to win reelection in a walk.  On the Democrat side, there ARE no results—only incompetence, finger-pointing, panic, and total disarray. As of this writing Tuesday morning, political insiders were speculating that Democrats will have to scrap the entire Caucus because their results are so lacking in integrity.

On the Republican side, we saw the launch of a well oiled machine that resulted in historic numbers  for the president. The NeverTrump candidates barely registered.

In the overwhelmingly negative media environment, Team Trump left nothing to chance. On Monday. the campaign had 80 surrogates spread across the state to campaign for the president. They held a “Keep Iowa Great” press conference Monday afternoon, featuring Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, Trump sons Eric and Don Jr., along with Lara Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

“A lot of people ask why we’re out here,” said Parscale during the presser. “The truth is, this is our first test of the grass roots army we built.

No Trump event would be complete without a protester, so the Team Trump’s Make Iowa Great Again campaign event was briefly disrupted. The protester was quickly dispatched by one of the Trump Campaign’s burly security guards.

Trump Jr. noted that “real Americans” are seeing the results of Trump’s presidency in their jobs, paychecks, and throughout the economy in a way that has been talked about in the past, but never realized “because you have someone making decisions who’s actually signed the front of a paycheck for the very first time.”t

The elder Trump son told a story about his and Kimberly’s dining experience at a restaurant on the upper East side of New York last Valentine’s Day to illustrate how Americans in the most unexpected places appreciate what the Trump administration has been able to accomplish.

Pointing out that the upper East side is “not exactly a conservative stronghold,” Don Jr. confessed that he was not thrilled with Guilfoyle’s dining choice.

He said that he sat there “miserable,” and wondered when “some clown” would show up and ruin their dinner.

“Ninety minutes go by, we pay the bill, we reluctantly walk out, and this older woman walks up to me, ”  and screams “YOU!” Trump Jr. recalled. “It’s a smaller place so everyone hears it.” At this point his heart sank, he said, and he began to really regret coming. “I don’t need the headache,” he said.

But the woman had a message for him that was totally unexpected. “I love you guys,” Don Jr. recalled the woman saying. “You guys don’t care, you have the guts to say what needs to be said. You just do it, you push through it,” he said the woman told them, using more colorful language. And the rest of the people in that restaurant, whom he thought was giving them the “side eye” for 90 minutes, actually got up and started clapping, he added.

He said they spent the next half an hour taking selfies with the other patrons in “a restaurant on the upper East side of New York.”

Don Jr. explained that it took “one little old lady” to be the catalyst for the entire restaurant to “break the ice and make it okay to like Trump.”

That’s because the corporate media has done such an effective job demonizing Trump supporters with labels such as racist, white supremacist, etc., he said.

Trump Jr. went on to argue that the Democrat party’s embrace of socialism is a fundamental weakness, but one they’re pushing hard nonetheless.

“They can’t find anyone who actually grew up under those systems—not someone from Russia, the former Soviet Union, not someone from China, not someone from Venezuela, not someone from Cuba—that says … ‘let’s bring that stuff here,'” he said. “That’s what  this election’s about. That’s what we’re up against and that’s why we have to send a loud and clear mandate.”

Monday night, the campaign held a Caucus Watch party in West Des Moines, where all the surrogates, including Reps. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Secretary of HUD Dr. Ben Carson, Trump’s chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, former acting attorney general Matt Whitaker were in attendance.

The results on the Republican side were promptly released and showed Trump winning an even bigger share of the vote than Barack Obama in 2012.

While panicked Dems flail in desperation after Monday night’s incompetence, hi jinks and chaos, the president’s team is poised to ride their “well oiled machine’ to a reelection victory.

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