Morning Greatness: Second Day of Questions Featured on Impeachment TV

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president receives his intelligence briefing
  • President Trump tours Dana Incorporated in Warren, Michigan
  • The president delivers remarks at a USMCA Celebration with American Workers
  • President Trump delivers remarks at a Keep America Great Rally in Ames, Iowa

One more day of questioning for Impeachment TV and then a vote for witnesses

If you missed it yesterday, here are the questions asked by the Senators yesterday. Senators wrote their questions out and then Chief Justice Obamacare Tax read them aloud. Well, not Rand Paul’s questions, I discuss that below.

The respondents had five minutes to answer but there was no cross-examination so the answers were not subject to any scrutiny. There were several questions asked about why the House didn’t pursue witnesses in the court system. The Democrats would have you believe that the legal resistance of the WH to the subpoenas was enough for them to give up, throw in the towel and claim the president was obstructing their oversight, but conflicts between the executive and legislative branches are common and mitigated by the court system as was the case in the Nixon and Clinton impeachments. However, the Democrats didn’t want the court to make any decisions because they didn’t want to take the risk of having their impeachment undermined by unfavorable court rulings.

The House never voted to authorize an impeachment inquiry. Instead the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi simply announced an inquiry was being opened. The constitution identifies the House of Representatives as the origin of an impeachment inquiry, it doesn’t say the Speaker of the House. The WH rightly questioned the legitimacy of the subpoenas based on Pelosi’s sui generis proclamation. The Democrats did not want to chance a court ruling that would call their impeachment efforts into question, they only wanted to impeach the president so they could say he was “impeached.” Once they got impeachment rubber stamped, they could send the hot mess over to the Senate, where the process wasn’t rigged against the GOP and the president and where they could continue their smears with the assistance of their terror proxies in the media even if the Senate would put the brakes on their political shenanigans.

House Foreign Affairs chairman reveals he spoke with Bolton about Yovanovitch ouster
Josh Hawley: Even GOP senators who don’t like Trump are finding it ‘hard to convict’ him
What a bunch of clowns. Lev Parnas, ex-Giuliani associate, swarmed by media at impeachment trial
GOP predicts Roberts won’t cast tie-breaking vote on witnesses

Bolton told to remove classified info from his book, video shows Bolton praising Ukraine call

John Bolton, formerly hated neocon war monger who has transformed into Trump-hating media darling, was told his book manuscript has classified information and that information needs to be removed before he can publish his mean girl diary. The New York Times published what it claims to be a summary of parts of Bolton’s book, no direct quotes were provided. The letter from the NSC was sent on January 23 and the NYT story ran on January 26. What a coincidence.

“The manuscript remains under review in order for us to do our best to assist your client by identifying the classified information within the manuscript, while at the same time ensuring that publication does not harm the national security of the United States,” Ellen J. Knight, a National Security Council aide wrote.

She added: “We will do our best to work with you to ensure your client’s ability to tell his story in a manner that protects U.S. national security.”

Meanwhile, here’s Bolton talking about Trump’s calls with Ukraine a few days after it occurred. Bolton said:

[Zelensky] and President Trump have already spoken twice [in April and July 2019]. The president called to congratulate President Zelensky on his election and on his success on the parliamentary election. They were very warm and cordial calls. … The success of Ukraine maintaining its freedom, its system of representative government, a free-market economy free of corruption, and dealing with the problems of the Donbass and the Crimea are high priorities here obviously and high priorities for the United States as well.

And here’s what the NYT writes about what Bolton said in his book:

Bolton also said that after the president’s July phone call with the president of Ukraine, he raised with Attorney General William Barr his concerns about [Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy] Giuliani, who was pursuing a shadow Ukraine policy encouraged by the president, and told Barr that the president had mentioned him on the call. A spokeswoman for Barr denied that he learned of the call from Bolton; the Justice Department has said he learned about it only in mid-August.

They seem to be different, right?

‘GAME OVER,’ Trump declares, as old Bolton, Schiff videos surface amid Senate impeachment trial
White House warned Bolton’s lawyer against publishing book
‘I’ve had it take years’: Bolton’s book could be tied up past November

Chief Justice Obamacare Tax blocks Sen. Rand Paul’s question about “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella

Politico reports that, “Chief Justice John Roberts has communicated to senators that he will not read aloud the alleged Ukraine whistleblower’s name or otherwise publicly relay questions that might out the official, a move that’s effectively blocked Sen. Rand Paul from asking a question.”

McConnell and other “top Republicans” are also discouraging disclosing the name of the whistleblower.

“We’ve got members who, as you have already determined I think, have an interest in questions related to the whistleblower,” Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.) said. “But I suspect that won’t happen. I don’t think that happens. And I guess I would hope it doesn’t.”

Questions surround the purported “whistleblower” and his coordination with Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) and several NSC staff that suddenly moved over to staff positions on HPSCI after the complaint was filed. Why did the requirements for filing a whistleblower complaint change to allow second hand information immediately before the “whistleblower” filed a complained based on second hand information? Why hasn’t Schiff released the testimony of IC IG Atkinson that was gathered in the secret basement bunker? Why did Schiff classify this testimony?

Rand said he’s not going to stop with his questions: “It’s still an ongoing process; it may happen tomorrow,” the libertarian-leaning senator told reporters as he headed back to the Senate chamber. Good for you Rand!

Other morsels:
U.S. life expectancy ticks up as drug fatalities and cancer deaths drop
U.S. has begun sending Brazilian migrants to Mexico to await U.S. court hearings
Greta Thunberg seeks to trademark her name to protect against misuse
Hackers successfully infiltrated United Nations: report
South Dakota House passes bill restricting medical treatments for transgender youth
White House announces task force to monitor coronavirus
Tennessee State Rep Submits Bill To Officially Categorize CNN, WaPo As ‘Fake News’
ICE Is Requiring ‘Sanctuary’ Authorities Provide Warrants Before Transferring Custody Of Illegal Alien
Europe’s Huawei plan explained
Inmates with ties to El Chapo escape Mexican prison
Abigail Disney calls Kobe Bryant ‘a rapist’ and is swiftly met with backlash
Coronavirus ravages in China as death toll reaches 170
Facebook agrees to $550 million settlement in facial recognition class action lawsuit
Beyonce’s Adidas collab compared to Popeyes’ uniforms, fast food chain responds with own fashion line
Mike Bloomberg baffles with campaign ad showing him eating ‘Big Gay Ice Cream’
Michael Flynn takes on ‘egregious’ FBI misconduct, little-known FBI agent in guilty plea withdrawal
CNN’s Don Lemon blasted for his ‘non-apology’ after panel trashing Trump supporters sparked outcry
Longest-ever border smuggling tunnel found stretching between Tijuana and San Diego, officials say
Gregg Jarrett: Trump’s conviction in impeachment trial not justified even if Bolton claims are true
Man allegedly caught on video trying to steal Magna Carta: reports say
ALA is a political group, that gets fed money on the smoking issue. Despite new regulations, FDA still fails to protect youth from e-cigarette epidemic, American Lung Association says
A postal worker rented a storage unit to hide mail because he felt ‘pressured’ to deliver it
Virginia House and Senate look to roll back abortion restrictions with new Democratic majorities
Genetically engineered moths have been released into the wild to wipe out pests
New York Frees Six Drug Dealers Accused of Running $7M Fentanyl Ring
Author tour for controversial ‘American Dirt’ is canceled
Vanessa Bryant honors Kobe and Gianna Bryant with Instagram post
European Parliament Votes For Brexit Deal, The Final Rubber Stamp Before Britain Leaving Bloc Friday

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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