Morning Greatness: Impeachment Burlesque Continues with Questioning Period

Good Wednesday Morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president participates in a signing ceremony for the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement

Impeachment burlesque moves on to next stage: questions

On Tuesday, the Trump team concluded their defense so today will begin a 16-hour period for the senators to ask questions. The senators will still not be the ones asking the questions, they will write out their questions and Chief Justice Obamacare Tax will ask the questions to the House Managers or the Trump defense team. This process is expected to last two days and then the senators will consider motions. Chief Justice Obamacare Tax has adopted Chief Justice Rehnquist’s directive used in the Clinton impeachment which requires questions be answered in less than 5 minutes.

Everyone is buzzing about witnesses which could be decided soon as Friday. McConnell says he doesn’t have the votes to block witnesses at the moment. First the Senate will vote on whether to call witnesses and obtain documents and then they will vote on each specific witness and document request. The witnesses will not appear in the Senate in some sort of TV-style spectacle, they will be deposed in private.

The media is agitating for the disgruntled, ego maniac John Bolton to be called to testify because he wrote a book, parts of which were most likely leaked by his publisher or publicist to the NYT. The book manuscript was turned over to the government for review, standard procedure for all books written by former employees with clearances. Many people think Lt. Col. Jelly Doughnut’s brother leaked some details to the media but I don’t agree I think this was for book sales with the bonus of putting the screw to Trump. I think the Trump Administration should clear the book and release the whole thing to the public and screw Bolton out of book sales revenue. I’m mean.

Once witnesses are on the table, the GOP has some fun options assuming the caucus can stick together, a tall order. I’d like to see Eric Ciaramella, all the Schiff staffers that quickly moved over the Intel committee from the NSC after the whistleblower manufactured his complaint, IC IG Michael Atkinson, Adam Schiff, and Hunter Biden for starters.

I’m sure you know the need for witness testimony that the House could not be bothered to obtain but is suddenly critical is just a tactic to continue on a fishing expedition and keep Trump smears in the headlines. I hope they finish this entire fiasco on Friday.

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Trump reveals Middle East peace process, Ilhan Omar calls it theft

On Tuesday, President Trump proposed a long awaited peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. The deal would provide a state for the Palestinians but they don’t want their own state, they want Israel’s state. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas rejected the deal.

“Trump is a dog and the son of a dog,” Abbas said. “They called me from Washington and I did not pick up the phone… I said no and I will continue to say no.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar, currently under FBI investigation for marrying her brother, did not like the deal.

She also tweeted: “They could have guaranteed justice, and brought everyone into this peace deal,” Omar said responding to a tweet from anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour. “Instead these two embattled heads of state, impeached and indicted, have a ‘just us’ peace deal. It’s shameful and disingenuous!”

What Omar didn’t know or pretended not to know was that Abbas rejected invitation to participate. She’s so dumb, it’s almost like she’s a broken record.

Dershowitz says he’ll ‘forgive’ Pompeo’s ‘rudeness’ to reporter if he brings peace to Middle East

Other morsels:
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And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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