Morning Greatness: Trump, Not the Democrats, Is Owed a Fair Trial

Good Friday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president delivers remarks at the 47th annual March for Life
  • President Trump meets with the Secretary of State
  • The president delivers remarks to the Nation’s Mayors on Transforming America’s Communities

Impeachment TV Day 3: Please make it stop

Yesterday was day 2 of the Democrat House Managers hostage video. Listening to the distortions and delusions of these bitter, butt hurt partisan zealots is worse than watching nails on the chalk board. (Did I just date myself? Do they even have chalk boards anymore?) I will share my thoughts on the Senate struggle session.

We keep hearing the Democrats say that unless Republicans vote to allow the House Managers the witnesses and documents they didn’t bother to obtain in the House, the trial won’t be fair. One after the other, Democrats parade before the cameras to charge that denying the demanded witnesses and documents would mean the process is unfair, it would be a coverup and it would be demonstrated complicity in Trump’s lawless behavior. But if these elements were so important, the House could have followed the proper procedure to get them, just has been done in the past. Clinton screamed executive privilege constantly with the Starr investigation but in this case, the House Democrats chose not pursue their options. If the House Managers couldn’t be bothered to bring their A-game to the Senate, that’s their problem. The Trump defense team has no obligation to help the deficient Democrats’ “case.”

The issue of fairness is, like most of the Democrats assertions, distorted. It’s Trump who is owed a fair process, not the Democrat zealots. The adversarial process assumes both sides will be prepared with the best possible case. If the Democrats were concerned with having a fair trial where all the evidence is presented for consideration, then they should have made sure they came armed with all their bullets. They knew the Senate was controlled by the president’s political party, why would they leave something so important in the hands of the opposition? They wouldn’t if the impeachment process was really serious and made in good faith and not another spectacle designed for propaganda purposes.

The Democrats’ strategy is the same as we have seen before: Trump exercises his lawful authority as president and his enemies claim it’s an abuse of power because of a fabricated and twisted motivation they have assigned him. We saw this when Trump fired Comey, a lawful action according to the power of the executive branch. The Democrats claimed the Comey firing was Trump trying to obstruct justice but how would they know? They offered no evidence of Trump’s sinister intentions. We have same situation with the impeachment: Democrat partisans allege that Trump had corrupt intent when he asked the Ukraine to look into corruption in their country and into the Biden son-affiliated Burisma. Why did he do that? Democrats say it was because he wanted foreign interference in the 2020 election to get dirt on sleepy presidential candidate Joe Biden, but they offer no evidence of Trump’s motivation to be anything other than what was plainly stated. The “whistle-blower” made the claim in his “report” and the Democrats think if they will repeat it enough, and their media terror proxies trumpet it, it will become true. It’s not true.

The folks who should have suspicion cast upon them are the Democrats, who have announced they were going to impeach Trump before he even was sworn into office. Democrats have tried to impeach Trump several times already for such grave issues as sending mean tweets to “the squad” on Twitter. Why would anyone think that this time, finally, is a good faith effort to protect the constitution and not another partisan pissing match to get revenge from losing the election?

Aid to the Ukraine was not the first instance of foreign aid held up by the president which further undermines the Democrats assertion that Trump was motivated by a desire for personal gain via foreign election assistance. He also held up aid to Lebanon. He held up aid to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Trump campaigned on cutting back aid to foreign countries and he constantly complains about how other countries aren’t pulling their own weight with support to entities like NATO. Holding up Ukraine aid is entirely consistent with Trump’s political platform and was even more justified considering that the Ukraine had recently elected a new president and was about to have a new parliamentary election at the time of the phone call in questions.

We have one more day of the Democrat House Managers all-star jamboree and then the White House will get their turn to present their response.

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And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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