Woke Privilege

Perhaps my privilege is showing. Gleaming in its gaudy oppression. To have skin that crisps in the sun is a mark of having every advantage under it.

When I was 7, the man loosely defined as my father shambled out of the front door. He punctuated our relationship with the odd rambling phone call. The only good advice he ever gave me: After swirling through whiskey, wine, whatever—knock back a Dioralyte. That salty voodoo priest levels the most abrupt of cotton-mouthing hangovers.

“Then,” he told me, “you can hit it with a Bloody Mary before noon. Right as rain.” Sage advice.

Fatherless kids don’t fare so well. We often end up in jail or we end up on junk or we end up angry and poor.

Abandoned boys, even those steadied by a stepfather, break apart. I did. Muddle some Seroxat and a little Salinger. Spend your school days playing death stares with a shaky psychiatrist called Louie. Good clean fun. Luckily, I got expelled.

Yet apparently I’ve had all the advantages life can afford—I’m white and I’m male.

So is Laurence Fox, a British actor who last week had the temerity to say on national TV what stirred between his ears.

He told BBC’s “Question Time” that Meghan and Harry are fleeing Great Britain for reasons other than their hounding at the hands of Brexit-voting racists. Fox even said if you like statistics, evidence, and that kind of thing, then Britain is perhaps the most tolerant nation in Europe.

A college lecturer (of course!) in the audience branded Fox: “What worries me about your comment is you are a white privileged male.”

“Oh, God!” he groaned. “I can’t help what I am. I was born like this. It’s an immutable characteristic, so to call me a white privileged male is to be racist.”

Is that not more than a little true? To judge someone on the basis of his skin color is the very definition of racist.

The fallout? Epically predictable. Mad people on Twitter joined The Guardian, and the Wokerati in branding Fox a “right-wing reactionary.”

According to the Woke Cosa Nostra, white working-class boys enjoy white privilege. They fail at school, they end up in jail, on drugs, in poverty—but they’re privileged.

Guardian columnists claimed far-right lone wolves had infiltrated their sushi bars. “Secret Nazis are chop-sticking sashimi in an Itsu near you!” The Guardian . . . didn’t say, but close enough.

The New Statesman said Fox’s “radicalization” demonstrates “the power of right-wing YouTube.”

Fox has a point—cheapening racism to mean anything and everything renders true racism radioactive.

“It’s one of the dangerous things about throwing ‘racism’ around,” he said. “People become so conscious of it that things like the Manchester grooming scandal get ignored.”

A ruthless truth. Last week, a 150-page police report revealed officers knew of grooming gangs forcing almost 100 vulnerable girls, some as young as 12, into underaged prostitution. The police squashed their inquiries. The topic was too toxic.

An unnamed chief inspector ruled: “With it being Asians, we can’t afford for this to be coming out.” The calculated defilement of girls already skimming along the bottom was not of interest to those who are trusted to protect and serve.

Asian men (predominantly of Pakistani origin) dosed up vulnerable girls with heroin and raped them, often daily, then traded their victims to those with likeminds.

Of course, such reports avoid plain language—preferring “systematic,” “forcible intercourse,” and “sexual exploitation,” sanitized words minced to shroud their atomic evil.

Victoria Agoglia, 15, had her veins junked with heroin by men whom—one of them 50 years old— would then rape her. She told her carers. They did nothing. Two months later, Victoria was overdosed.

A police investigation into her death, Operation Augusta, revealed at least 57 more victims and 97 suspects. The wider grooming gang scandal stretches its tentacles to, so far, 27 cities and towns, tainting 19,000 victims.

We are not supposed to talk about it. Not unless one has the right programming.

Lily Allen, one of Britain’s most celebrated nutters, said in 2018 that victims of the Rochdale grooming gang would’ve been “raped or abused by somebody else at some point.”

She last week denounced Laurence Fox on Instagram. The millionaire was “sick to death” of “luvvies forcing their opinions on everyone else.”

If you don’t know who she is, good for you. I’ll spare you the details: Lily is an uber-privileged white liberal who’s never met a grievance she didn’t like.

Lily is part of that Woke Cosa Nostra a study of political tribes found to be the whitest, richest, most censorious. You could call them “privileged.”

According to them, white working-class boys enjoy white privilege. They fail at school, they end up in jail, on drugs, in poverty—but they’re privileged.

It’s the same in America. White working-class Americans die early—deaths of despair—killed by Fentanyl and booze, in the same country where Nigerian Americans teem the Ivy League, and where Asian Americans earn more than the white-privileged.

As Fox learned, to “speak truth to nonsense” invites social lynching for the color of one’s skin. Yet, he refuses to back down. And I suspect many more will, too.

Perhaps we are tired of Woke untruths feeding vulnerable girls to monsters, and making monsters of those who don’t play along?

Perhaps, after all, Woke privilege is the problem.

About Christopher Gage

Christopher Gage is a British political journalist.

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