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Facebook Page for California Residents Considering Move to Texas Reaches 16,000 Followers

- January 23rd, 2020
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A Facebook page started by a California ex-pat and her husband who moved to Texas, encouraging other Californians to do the same, has reached 16,000 followers, as reported by Fox News.

Marie Bailey used to live in Seal Beach with her husband, just south of Los Angeles, but eventually decided to move to Dallas, Texas. Bailey said that among the motivating factors were the high “taxes and prices” that come with living in California, which made it “a constant rat race” to afford everything.

Bailey’s Facebook page, “Move to Texas From California,” was started in an effort to help other Californians in similar situations move to Texas. That page has reached 16,000 followers since she first started it.

Migration from California to Texas has been a consistent trend since 2007, with the Los Angeles Times reporting that over one million residents left the state between 2007 and 2016, with the most popular destination being Texas. Over half of all registered voters in California are reported to have considered a move out of the state at some point or another.

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