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Florida Construction Worker Murders Trump-Supporting Boss

- January 22nd, 2020
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Florida deputies report that a construction supervisor with pro-Trump views was stabbed to death by one of his anti-Trump employees, as reported by ABC News.

The victim was William Knight, whom friends described as an “outspoken American” and “pro-Donald Trump.” The employee, 28-year-old Mason Toney, was described as “anti-government and very outspoken in his beliefs that the government is bad.”

According to other construction workers at the scene, the two men got into an argument at the Florida Turnpike construction site in Orlando. When they heard Knight yelling for help, they arrived at the scene to find Toney stabbing him with a trowel.

The other workers attempted to fight Toney by throwing various objects at him, but Toney brandished the trowel threateningly and managed to jump into a truck to flee the scene. Next to Knight’s body, Toney had placed an American flag that was still fresh from its packaging.

This marks the latest, and one of the deadliest, occurrences of anti-Trump violence in the United States, a widespread epidemic that has seen Trump supporters harassed and assaulted by far-left individuals, ever since President Trump first started his campaign. Toney was arrested several hours later, and no bond has been set.

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