It’s Time for the MSM to Embrace their Religious Identity!

When Senator Martha McSally dared to call CNN’s Manu Raju a liberal hack last week—a comment that for most of us, is a simple statement of truth—it shocked the sensitive sensibilities of many in the mainstream media. Apparently it is now an egregious crime against humanity to speak the truth if one is speaking it about that precious and feted category of human beings called “journalists.” CNN, of course, dedicated their entire news cycle to the “outrageous” comments by McSally. But now that the dust has settled a bit on the CNN instigated rush on fainting couches, it would be good to have this conversation about reality versus CNN’s and the Left’s alternate one.

Reality demands that we accept—and that includes you, dear Lefties—that we all have a set of presuppositions and biases through which we view the world. No one is as pure or objective as the driven snow; though some might think they are, like those who populate the so-called mainstream media.

In their alternate reality, they are merely messengers of God’s unadulterated truth. Like Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments, they view themselves as God’s mouthpieces to the unenlightened peasants and they are merely helping us to see the light. In fact, it is their duty, their burden in life, to be said messengers of “truth” and “facts.” To question their “credentials” or their dedication to this noble duty is to question the very undergirding and foundation of human civilization and the universe.

Of course in the echo chamber of the Idiocracy, of which many in the mainstream media are proud, card carrying members, they tell themselves that it’s not them, it’s us, the deplorable troglodytes who live in darkness. They validate their alternate reality with awards and prizes in the echo chamber of their own making. All of this behavior is juvenile and is in defiance of the ages: every last human being has biases, and this includes every last journalist and reporter. Refusing to accept this is to be intellectually and emotionally stunted.

Now some might call a person’s set of biases and presuppositions a worldview. Whatever one might call it, the fact is that when confronting the world around us and how we view it, there is a filter by which we process events and then decide how to react to them. It’s how we decide what is right or wrong. Even those who can barely construct a truly rational thought have this filter, albeit many have poorly constructed ones based more on emotion than reason.

I would even go so far as to say that this set of biases and presuppositions is a belief system—a faith system, if you will—which indicates that, at a certain level, all of us are religious people of one sort or another. Yes, dear Lefties, you are a religious people. You have your religion, your faith systems, and I have mine.

The Leftist faith is a weird, twisted, Byzantine one based on chance and relativism; one which bemoans the injustice of noncitizen children being unable to come to America illegally, but lauds butchering unborn human beings up to the moment of birth. The Leftist faith proclaims the virtues of transgenderism, which annihilates the previous faith of feminism, even as it demands the empowerment of women. It’s very hard to keep track of it all. Apparently, it’s just very situational. At least my worldview, which the Left loathes, is a consistent one founded in a belief in a Creator, absolute transcendent truths, inherent human dignity, and the immortal human soul.

While I realize that throughout the course of history human beings have always been prone to lie to themselves about who they are and their motivations—rationalizing this and that and whatever—my hope for the mainstream media is that they can just accept themselves for who they are. They don’t need to be ashamed of their religion. They should embrace it and love themselves. Many are liberals, coming from a liberal worldview. It colors how they “report” and how they act. This is not my issue. My issue is that that it’s time for them to discontinue the masquerade that they’re unbiased. So I would say to them, “It’s okay to accept yourselves in all of your biases and presuppositions. Celebrate who you are. Be loud and proud about it!”

And I say this because I have already accepted who I am and who you truly are. It’s time you grew up and did the same.

About Ned Ryun

Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority. You can find him on Twitter @nedryun.

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