Experts: Meghan Markle Would be Welcomed in Hollywood

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced last week that they plan to “step back” from their royal duties. There has been plenty of speculation that the duo would turn to Hollywood in order to reach their goal to “become financially independent,” Fox News takes a guess at what’s next for the Sussexes and if they’ll follow the route of Barack and Michelle Obama — turning Hollywood into their own creative playground.

The idea is fueled not only by Markle’s previous connection to Hollywood, having starred in the cable drama “Suits,” but also by a similar move made by the Obamas after former president Barack Obama’s time in office.

The former president and first lady launched their own production company, Higher Ground Productions, after leaving the presidential office. They signed a multi-year agreement with Netflix and announced in April 2019 a total of seven projects, both scripted, non-scripted and a docu-series, to be produced for the streaming giant, and now, network executives are interested in creating a similar deal with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“If Meghan called anybody right now, believe me, we’d all run to the phone,” says Bill McGoldrick, president of original content at NBCUniversal Entertainment Networks and Direct-to-Consumer, who worked closely with Markle, 38, during her seven seasons at Suits, told The Hollywood Reporter. Rather than the pure entertainment route, McGoldrick expects that Markle will choose a more pro-social, “info-tainment” production path to “raise money and make movies that are about issues that are important to her.”

Julie Montagu, a member of the British nobility known as Viscountess Hinchingbrooke, spoke with Fox News exclusively and said she sees a return to Hollywood — specifically acting — in Meghan’s future.

“100 percent. I’m sure that’s being negotiated now,” Montagu speculated further, “And if she’s just done a voice-over for a Disney film, nothing’s going to stop her [from] eventually either going back into acting or taking a role of producing or directing these documentaries and mini-series.”

Montagu added: “I assume we will see her back acting, but definitely not right away. I think she’s got other things on her list that they want to highlight first.”

Elizabeth Much, a celebrity publicist and public relations professional, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter,  agrees that, for now, “It would be more difficult in the acting arena since Meghan’s fame is so enormous, but having said that, there will always be places that will hire her. She’s a really good actress, too.”

Markle and Harry have already begun to dip their toes into the Hollywood waters, Markle has agreed to do a voiceover for an unnamed Disney project in return for a charitable donation to an elephant charity, The Times of London reported Jan. 11. (Disney wouldn’t comment.) Meanwhile, Harry, 35, is already set to produce a series on mental health with Oprah Winfrey for Apple TV+, but this arrangement could end up being small compared to any production deal he makes alongside his wife.

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