Black Conservatives in America

Mainstream liberal Democrats and their allies in the media have made clear that “demographics is destiny,” and that destiny favors Democrats. It’s easy enough to see why they believe this: nonwhites constituted 15 percent of the population in 1960, by 2050 that will have risen to 53 percent, and nonwhites vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.

The answer most mainstream conservatives have to this challenge is to try harder. Convince nonwhites to vote for conservative candidates, even if that means giving up all the entitlements that Democrats have used for decades to purchase votes and create dependency. It’s a tough sell.

Not-so-mainstream conservatives are as likely to give up as to try harder. Consider this comment made in rebuttal to a recent article “Race and Realignment in the Anglosphere,” which had made the case for trying harder:

More pandering, compromise and continual hope that the invaders, who are relentlessly beating us politically, will suddenly draw back and change orientations is foolish. It is just more of the same old “conservative” born-to-lose mentality, no matter how nicely presented. We already know the result of the experiment you suggest, we lose everything, America becomes Brazil, and the multi-generational white majority, “Americans” as we think of ourselves, we will become a minority, in our only nation. And a targeted and hated one, at that . . . Let’s start seriously talking about the separation.

The problem with this comment, however well argued, is that it argues for something even more impossible. There will be no CalExit, there will be no sovereign American Redoubt, there will be no independent Atzlan. Because other than via a cataclysmic collapse that nobody should wish for, the United States is not going to split up. And even if separation is Plan B, shouldn’t Plan A—a massive nationalist political realignment—first be given a fighting chance?

So we’re back to trying harder to persuade. But the game is different this time. Different from the days of Bush, Romney, and McCain. The game is different because Donald Trump has smashed down the door of political correctness, and because social media, however censored, offers a powerful new platform for dissidents, and because there are “nonwhites” out there who are all in for President Trump and the revolution he’s started, as they should be.

“What Have Democrats Ever Done for Chicago, Atlanta?”

The conversations that nationalist conservative Americans need to have are with the men and women of color who support the president, love this country, stand up for the First and Second Amendments, want to reform entitlements, are offended by affirmative action and quotas, want to stop importing welfare recipients, want to stop exporting jobs, and have zero, zero, interest in being politically correct.

Four of America’s most interesting new black conservatives recently joined forces to deliver a one hour political discussion in support of President Trump’s actions in Iraq. Regardless of your position on Iraq in particular, or foreign policy in general, watch this video. Get to know these men. Ask yourself: Are these men genuine American patriots? Are these men equally frustrated by the destructive policies of liberal democrats? The answer will be obvious.

Hosted by Will Johnson on his Facebook page, also appearing on the video are Jay McCaney, Jermain Botsio, and—probably the best known of the four, but only known by his public name—Mind of Jamal.

The discussion started with Mind of Jamal launching into a sarcastic takedown of his supposed obligation to employ politically correct terms. Anyone who still cringes when feeling like they have no choice but to say “people of color” will appreciate Mind of Jamal’s digressions on that topic.

Here is just a sampling of what is blistering, dead-on accurate conservative commentary:

“President Trump has tried to keep us out of war from day one.”

“The Democrats have not demonstrated anything to show they care about the American people. It is not parody to say that Democrats hate the American people. They hate Donald Trump because Donald Trump is standing in the way of them to hate America.”

“What have Democrats ever done for Chicago, Atlanta? If you think the Socialist Communist party is going to do anything to help America you are out of your mind.”

“With this last air strike, you would think the Democrats would be on our side, but they are showing solidarity for the Iranians. People have to understand that these Democrats don’t care about America and Americans, they only care about power and they want to foment division. You see ABC and CNN and the rest of these fake news acts crying over Soleimani.”

“President Trump is telling the truth as it is.”

“Democrats are pathetic. Whatever makes Iran feel good is what they want. You have news media fawning over this man who was a terrorist. The media is doing everything they can to cover for Obama’s failed policies. Obama is the reason why the Iranian’s ballistic missile programs got better, the reason they armed more terror and militia groups, it should never have happened but Obama released $1.5 billion dollars to Iran.”

After a brief discussion of Iran, the four went after Ilhan Omar, playing various clips of her public remarks:

“Instead of worrying about Iran she should be worried about her failed marriage to her brother. She is like a sleeper cell in America. She doesn’t care about Americans or America.”

“She is being investigated for campaign fraud and illegal entry into the U.S. Ilhan Omar is the logical conclusion of where the Democrat party has come. They want to control free speech, they want you to think the way they want you to think and if not they’re going to make you pay.”

“Here’s the thing about Omar, if she was in some Muslim country she would have been stoned a long time ago. She hides behind her race, she hides behind her gender, and she hides behind her religion.”

“Notice you don’t see these radicals in any of the Islamic states. You don’t see a Christian feminist in Muslim countries, but we always see it in Western governments.”

“We are dealing with people who have 17th-century thinking, whoever has the biggest dick rules the fort. They think it’s funny what we do. We give them money, we give them aid, and what we get back is ‘Death to America’ so people need to understand we were already in this position whether Trump decided to retaliate or not.”

Anyone who doesn’t think that nonwhites can share exactly the same conservative values as whites needs to listen through this entire video. They will encounter humor and ribaldry, side by side with insights and arguments that are in close alignment with those of most staunch conservatives.

If you could read a transcript instead of watching and listening, apart from the obvious self-referential comments, you would not know the color of the participants. You might even wonder how they could say some of the “insensitive” things they’re saying, even as you’re applauding their accuracy.

And by the way, pick any four influential, black, liberal Americans—including Barack Obama, along with the usual war horses such as Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson—and put them on a debating panel on a neutral stage with these four fearless black conservatives. Put it on national television. Liberal lies would be destroyed by conservative truth, and to the black constituencies who vote for Democrats, the liberal scam would finally be fully exposed and erased.

Which raises the question: Why aren’t more people hearing these men? Why aren’t they getting press? Why aren’t they going viral? Part of the reason is suppression by big tech. Mind of Jamal was kicked off of Twitter, and as usual, without explanation. “Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules.”

Fostering the Black Conservative Movement

Along with speaking the unvarnished truth, these four black conservatives are bold and aggressive. They are not politically correct, they are not pandering to liberal sensitivities, they are stepping on toes. And this is what is different about the opportunities in this era. Conservatives aren’t afraid anymore. They aren’t pussyfooting around like Mitt Romney, trying to see which way the wind blows, looking over their shoulders to see if they’ve offended their libertarian donors or the socialist reporters who write about them.

They don’t care what people think. And that makes them immensely attractive.

This new breed of conservatives, especially when they come out of the black community, can be the vanguard of a movement to unite the right that will be truly color blind, and more powerful and unifying than anything this nation has ever seen.

When it comes to black conservatives, courage is not in short supply, only media coverage. Witness the remarks Candace Owens made at a congressional hearing on “white nationalism.” Owens condemns the Democrats for their unwarranted racist demagoguery and she condemns the media for their despicable double standards. Owens, along with a host of other black conservatives, are ongoing victims of liberal “anti-fascist” hate crimes, unreported by the media and ignored if not condoned by liberal Democrats.

There are black conservatives such as Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Ward Connerly and others who have fought for decades for conservative values. They are now joined by a rising group of young conservatives online who promise to push through and transform the black community. But they need the support of everyone on the right, because they’re not going to get it from anywhere else. Certainly not from Google, Twitter, or Facebook, and not from the mainstream media, or from the Democratic establishment or academia. Least of all from the woke corporate multinationals who are terrified by resurgent nationalism in America.

Let this be a challenge to every member of the marginalized Right and even the far-Right. You have reasons to be angry, you have cause to be bitter. The Left is trying to destroy your nation, your heritage, your way of life, and for decades they have logged one victory after another. But consider who your friends are.

To those whites on the right who have already been silenced or suppressed, but not before acquiring hundreds of thousands of online followers—Vincent James, Lana Lokteff, James Allsup, and others—have a look at these black conservatives. They share your outrage, your insouciance, your courage, your integrity, your patriotism. Put aside pointless anger; find the best in each other. They are on your side. Talk to them. Make friends with them.

Imagine a nation where they not only join you and help you in the fight to take America back from the Left, but change the minds of other black Americans.

Here are links to more black conservatives, showing how to find them:

Justin Wilson, Antonia Okafor, Candace Owens, Dr. Carol Swain, Chandler Crump, CJ Pearson, Anthony Brian Logan, David J Harris Jr., Lynnett Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson (Diamond and Silk), Jesse Lee Peterson, KingFace, Larry Elder, Mike Nificent, Allen West, Pastor Mark Burns, Patricia Dickson, Horace Cooper (Project 21), Shekinah Geist, Stacy Dash, Star Parker, Terrence K Williams, Taleed Brown, Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge, Brandon Tatum, Will Johnson, Wayne Dupree, Jon Miller, Jamarcus Dove-Simmons, Derrick Blackman, Joy Villa, Mind of Jamal, Jermain Botsio, Jay McCaney.

Ideology is color blind. Patriotism is color blind. Faith is color blind. As Benjamin Franklin once said, we must hang together, or surely we shall hang separately.

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