No Blood for Peace

Forgive the president his chefs—excuse his kitchen cabinet of advisors—but do not allow any bakers to touch his foreign policy. Because the people who tried to impeach Ronald Reagan for bearing a cake (and arms) to Iran now charge Donald Trump with the assassination of Iran’s most infamous killer of American troops in Iraq. 

Because the self-anointed champions of right eschew might, because they prefer inaction over the president’s actions, because they condemn the delivery of swift justice without a speedy trial—without any trial—as unjust, the apologists of Qassem Soleimani have no moral right to condemn President Trump. 

They do, however, have a legal right to exercise their rights, even if they call the president an unelected king and ignore the last words of America’s only King: that the greatness of America is in the truth—those self-evident truths—that our forefathers said on paper; that we commit ourselves here to what our enemies deny over there; that we live in freedom, land where our fathers died, land of the pilgrims’ pride.

We honor those who died in foreign lands, we honor those who died in Iraq, we honor honor itself by showing the world why we fight.

We will leave Iraq when we want, no matter how many ayatollahs threaten us or how many Islamists die trying to kill us.

Unwilling to stay forever in Iraq, but unequivocal in our will to fight, we retain the power to destroy the monsters who seek to attack us.

About Bill Asher

Bill Asher is a writer and retired executive. He lives with his family in Massachusetts.

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