CNN Pushes Global Warming While Reporting Park Had to Remove Signs Predicting Glaciers Would be Gone in 2020

On Wednesday, CNN published a report claiming that global warming, or “climate change,” is still a bigger problem than ever before, even though the report referenced a particular national park that had just seen a similar claim be debunked, according to Fox News.

The CNN report referenced Glacier National Park in Montana, where so-called experts had predicted that the park’s glaciers would be gone by 2020 due to climate change. The park had even placed signs near the glaciers making this claim, and thus were forced to take them down after the claim was debunked due to the glaciers still standing.

Instead, a spokesperson for the park said, the signs will be revised to now say that “When [the glaciers] completely disappear depends on how and when we act.”

Nevertheless, the CNN report continues to push the claim that global warming is real, claiming that “humans are responsible.” The article referenced a relatively outdated study from 2017 claiming that some ice formations in Montana had been shrinking, with that study’s lead scientist claiming that “in several decades, they will be mostly gone.”