Top 12 Get-Trump Bloopers of 2019

The year 2019 might go down in history as the funniest 365 days in American politics. “Get-Trump” videos work as a pretty good stand-in for funny cat videos: Always taking themselves too seriously, overreacting to stimuli, and exhibiting a hilarious lack of self-awareness.

So, in order to spread some holiday cheer, I have compiled a shortlist of my favorite videos of get-Trumpers and their hilarious hijinks. Let’s get right to the list:

12) If we don’t impeach, he might win the election.

How do the get-Trumpers respond to the argument that the American people can decide for themselves in 2020 whether to get rid of Trump? The ironically-named “Democrats” say, “Yes, and that’s the problem!” No, really. I’m not making this up. U.S. Representative Al Green (D-Texas) was asked, “Are you afraid this talk will help the president’s re-election?” Green responded, “I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.”

11) What is she drinking?

Watch this video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) during a press conference when she pauses to take a sip of a clear liquid. The liquid seems to burn as she involuntarily flinches and her mouth suddenly becomes dry. Impeachment Schnapps, maybe?

10) Adam Schiff cries

After polls failed to move in his direction, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) was forced to gavel to conclusion his hippity-hoppity kangaroo court and was barely able to contain his tears. When you spend all of your time in an echo-chamber, it must be an emotional shock when you try to convince regular Americans with sham evidence.

9) Robert Mueller has never read the Mueller report. 

After two years of perpetual dramatic photographs showing a stone-faced Robert Mueller rushing off to court flanked by sober lawyers and G-men, he turned out to be . . . well, not all there. Mueller supposedly was in charge of the investigation into whether Donald Trump colluded with the Russians during the 2016 election. These allegations originated with Fusion GPS, the company Clinton hired to smear her political opponent. The term “Fusion GPS” appears not once in the Mueller report and, as Mueller said, he’s not even familiar with the firm.

8) Joe Biden prefers truth over facts. 

Watch Biden shout, “We choose truth over facts!” I actually found this “gaffe” to be more fascinating than humorous. “Truth” has quasi-religious implications. On the post-Christian Left, faith in the political narrative seems to have replaced the God of our ancestors (and facts.)

7) Lawrence O’Donnell’s single source.

Somebody should force O’Donnell to huff helium before he goes on air because his deep, authoritative anchorman voice is totally mismatched with his completely unreliable reporting. In August, he reportedly had a single source who would confirm that Donald Trump’s loans were co-signed by Russian oligarchs. Watch Rachel Maddow express warranted skepticism. He was forced to retract the very next day. Read here about another source who tied O’Donnell to some very sketchy behavior of his own.

6) Trump opponent political suicide note No. 1: I want to tax the poor more because I care.

Not since Marie Antoinette asked why her starving French subjects would ask for bread when they could dine on cake instead has a rich oligarch said something so cringeworthy. Watch as uber-billionaire Michael Bloomberg defends, yes defends, regressive taxes (taxing the poor at a higher rate than rich people) in this video.

5) That’s easy for her to say. 

After Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell destroyed impeachment with a short, half-hour speech of his life, Nancy Pelosi was reduced to . . . well, watch it for yourself. Hey, where’s her drink?

4) Hot air out of both ends. 

Rep. Eric Swalwell, (D-Calif.) got really worked up during an MSNBC interview in which he bloviated his anti-Trump talking points. Watch here as he releases even more hot air for emphasis.

3) Joe Biden’s blonde leg hair. 

Although this video is from 2017, it did not become viral until this year. In the speech addressing an African American audience, two creeped-out African American children can be seen casting worried glances at Biden as he brags about children touching his legs in the pool to smooth his blonde leg hair. For emphasis, he added that he “loves kids jumping on my lap.”

2) Schiff called out at his own town hall. 

Leftists have organized to disrupt conservative speakers and Republican town halls for years. That’s wrong and I condemn it even when it’s done to my own political opponents. I nevertheless find some guilty pleasure in watching Schiff’s own constituents call him a “liar.” It was funny, but please don’t do that. He has a right to speak, too.

Still, if you can’t resist,  please do post the video.

1) Schiff’s star fact witness knows nothing.

In a world in which facts and emotions are the same thing, the House Intelligence Committee chairman probably didn’t worry about the fact that his only witness with an actual record of speaking to the president couldn’t back up Schiff’s key accusation—that Donald Trump threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine unless it investigated the Bidens.

You can watch as Ambassador Gordon Sondland melts under cross-examination as he admits that the entire case against Trump is mere presumption. This emphasized one of the two major problems with the Ukraine case against Trump: 1) the Democrats can’t prove what they alleged, and 2) Even if they do prove it, there’s nothing wrong with what they’ve accused him of doing. Other than that, they’ve put on a pretty good show.

It was an entertaining year for those who enjoy a good old-fashioned political blooper. Democrats and NeverTrumpers offered us so many this year that I’m sure I’ve missed a few. Feel free to add your own nominations in the comments.

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