Morning Greatness: Misfire Hurricane Clowns Keep Lap Dancing for Media Accolades

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president has no public events scheduled.

Misfire Hurricane clowns keep lap dancing for media accolades

These people are like herpes, they just will not go away. Holy James Comey has written an op-ed in WaPo calling President Trump a “shrunken, withered figure.” As the violins play in his treasonous little head he writes, “What’s it like to be personally and publicly attacked by the president of the United States? Like many others in and out of government, I have some experience,” wrote Comey.

And then there’s Lisa Page, who hit the Twitterverse to strut her victimization. “I am not just an FBI target of the President, but a female one. So his followers understand that I’m therefore different, and “deserving” of a special kind of hatred, a vile reduction of my whole existence into body parts and sex acts.”

The two monsters used the force of government to interfere in an election, violated the rights of innocent civilians and launched a witch hunt that ended with people in jail for process crimes. No one feels sorry for you jokers, you deserve so much more than you are getting. Let Durham do his job.

Ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok says feds violated his free speech
Giuliani associate to turn over iPhone data, documents to House committee
Schumer renews call for witnesses to testify in impeachment trial in wake of ‘game changer’ report
Hunter Biden fires back after PI claims secret bank records ‘verify’ $156M counterfeiting scheme
Pompeo to visit Ukraine amid impeachment proceedings, doubts about Trump’s commitment to Kyiv
Federal judge dismisses case involving former Bolton deputy over impeachment testimony

Hate crime bonanza:
Texas church shooter wore wig and fake beard, says security head who shot him
Texas shooting isn’t as simple as it seems
Hanukkah attack highlights disturbing rise of anti-Semitic violence
Texas church murders and New York Hanukkah stabbings: Hate, yes, but are they acts of domestic terrorism?

Other morsels:
Biden Proposes Putting Fossil Fuel Execs ‘In Jail’ Over The Climate
Giant Star That’s Acting Strange Could Explode Soon, Scientists Say
Epic redistricting battles loom in states poised to gain, lose House seats
Greta Thunberg’s dad worries about ‘all the hate’ aimed at her
Four Michigan men arrested for driving horse and buggy while drunk
Jews are the new Jews, Linda. Linda Ronstadt compares Trump to Hitler, says Mexicans ‘are the new Jews’
Joe Biden says he would consider a Republican for his running mate
A teen whose teachers were sending him schoolwork in ICE detention just won his asylum case
A Kansas officer claimed McDonald’s employees wrote a derogatory term on his cup. He made it up, the police chief says
Ohio doctor charged with killing 25 patients by overprescribing pain medication sues hospital for defamation
Michelle Obama repeats as ‘most admired woman’ in Gallup’s 2019 poll
Uber, Postmates sue to block California gig worker law, claiming it’s unconstitutional

And that’s all I’ve got, now go get ready for New Year’s Eve!

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