The ‘Romp in the Swamp’ Coming in 2020

Remember the “Thriller in Manilla” or the “Rumble in the Jungle”? Frazer vs. Ali wouldn’t hold a candle to the coming match of this century. Mark it down: it will be Trump vs. Clinton, theRomp in the Swamp.

Donald, the Manhattan Blue Collar Billionaire, and reigning champion of the Free World against Crooked Hillary, the two-time loser who must think the third time’s the charm.

Yes, 2020 is about to shape up in an unexpected and unprecedented rematch. Here’s how it goes down.

Going for the Golden Belt and ultimate prize, in one corner we have the incumbent president of the United States, who has delivered on all his promises and made us stronger, safer, and richer than ever: That instrument of the divine, “Geo Deus.”

In the opposing corner, we have a woman who was only a candidate because of her rapist husband. She is in favor of globalism, identity politics, and apologizes for American strength, especially these days. This despite her hypocritical uber-hawkishness in office when she was the failed Secretary of State for lightweight, wimp President Barack Obama.

The two dueled in 2016 and Trump thumped her convincingly in an upset, and the electoral college victory was large: 304-227.

Now she wants more; a comeback?

And since the Democrats do not have another viable candidate, in spite of having two-dozen crazy options—from socialists to fake Indians, from Spartacus to a gay mayor, and even Old Creepy Joe—Hillary will be back, yet one more time.

Here’s how it happens: Bernie’s operation narrowly lost the Iowa caucuses in 2016 (people have said that Hillary cheated there)—it is likely that a lot of the Sanders 2016 operation still feels the Bern in 2020. New Hampshire is also Sanders territory.

First place showings in both look likely—by the time South Carolina rolls along, Biden will be looking like the only thing standing between the Democrats and an ass-kicking like the one Comrade Jeremy Corbyn just got across the pond.

That’s where the axe comes down.

Just like Jeb Bush—another busted flush of a candidate—Biden will be forced to pull out after losing South Carolina. At this point, the flavor of the month candidate will have a short run to inherit the support of the Democratic Party’s mainstream in Nevada.

But it will be too late. Hillary’s plan will have worked. The long path has begun towards a brokered convention—one that begs Hillary to ride in on a white horse to save us from bad Trump’s second term, just like she dreams of every day. She can always count on the superdelegate vote (except in 2008 I guess—ouch) and the mainstream candidates will gladly make their bid for VP with their delegate factions just like in the old days.

She is the best they can do. Even the billionaires, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer, cannot buy their way in. They’ll be busy making sure the candidate is someone they can work with, like Hillary. Bloomberg has been busy building a coalition of lefty mayors like himself, and coal magnate Steyer crusades against climate change. Watch as the party lines out of their operations spread into the audition scripts of the Democrat candidates who will be reading for them.

What will the central issues be?

Cut taxes or increase them?

Build a Wall or let them all in?

Defend American might or try more diplomacy and giveaways?

Have a private health system or socialize it?

Increase GDP and growth rates or go back to no growth and more poverty?

Support the Second Amendment or take away your guns?

Judge people based on their merits or use identity and race to decide everything?

The prognosticators have it as a third-round knockout, after Clinton is knocked down four times and bleeding badly. The referee will feel sorry for her.

The match will be recorded as the slugfest that never ended and the result even larger than before.

After the fight, Clinton will allege Russian collusion, Ukrainian compromises, and say he should immediately be impeached and removed from office. But in the end she’ll have cashed in on yet another round of lucrative campaign grease for her folks, stayed in the headlines, and written yet another memoir she can use as an excuse for a listening tour to prepare for the 2024 campaign.

The American public is tired of her profiteering globalism that always comes at their expense.

With almost 70 million people voting for him this time and carrying all but the few coastal states, Trump’s second term will be a walk in the park.

America will be stronger than ever as the President chants: “We will make America strong again, we will make America safe again, and we will make America great again.”


It is truly MAGA country!

About Ted Malloch

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, is Chairman and CEO of Global Fiduciary Governance LLC, a leading strategy thought leadership company.

Photo: Jeenah Moon/Getty Images

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