Scuffles Break Out When Protesters Disrupt Schiff Event, Hollering ‘Liar!’ and ‘You’re Going to Jail!’

An event with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was interrupted by protesters over the weekend, leading to scuffles among the attendees.

While Schiff was discussing the passage of a measure that officially recognized the century-old Armenian genocide, a group of Trump supporters angrily confronted him with repeated shouts of “liar!” and “You’re going to jail!”

The event took place at a library in Glendale, California on Saturday, as Democrats are increasingly facing angst from voters over their impeachment charade.

Approximately 15 protesters, donning shirts supporting President Trump, held up signs that said “Don’t impeach,” and continued heckling the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee while other attendees angrily shushed them.

After several minutes of this, scuffles broke out between the Trump supporters and the other attendees, intensifying when one of the protesters broke out a large Trump banner.

“He’s a sick, disgusting man!” a woman hollered as she was being escorted out of the room. The protesters seemed to be followers of a conspiracy theory purporting that Schiff is the ringleader of a pedophile ring.

Three police officers were on the scene to help restore order, according to the Los Angeles Times.  No injuries were reported and no arrests were made.

The event was meant as a show of appreciation to Congress for the passage of a resolution recognizing the genocide of more than 1 million people in Armenia over 100 years ago. The measure was co-sponsored by Schiff.

Two of the protesters insisted that they had nothing against the Armenian people.

“We love the Armenian people,” they said while the officers talked to one of the event organizers.

“We just don’t like them being used by a party because that’s what they do,” the woman explained. “They use people, they separate them, they divide them … that’s how Democrats roll.”

The Trump supporters said that while they were protesting inside, they had been pushed and kicked by some of the attendees.

“We all got pushed and kicked,” the man said. “This one guy said he was going to punch me in the face and I said go ahead and try,” the woman told the officers.

They said they had tickets to attend the event. “I have a right to free speech!” the woman exclaimed.

About Debra Heine

Debra Heine is a conservative Catholic mom of six and longtime political pundit. She has written for several conservative news websites over the years, including Breitbart and PJ Media.

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