Pro-Trump Women Verbally Harassed, Navy SEAL Assaulted by Unhinged Dems in Swanky DC Hotel

A group of 200 Trump-supporting women were harassed and a former Navy SEAL assaulted by TDS-stricken attendees of a “high profile” Democrat wedding party in Washington DC, over the weekend.

The unprovoked attacks took place Saturday night during a “Women for America First” event at the Willard Hotel, where the wedding reception was also being held.

The wedding groom has been identified as Dennis O’Brien,  Director of Operations for the Boeing Company’s Government Operations office in Washington, D.C.

O’Brien is a former aide to Clintonite pol Terry McAuliffe, who served as the 72nd Governor of Virginia. He was also the Deputy CEO for Finance and Administration at the 2016 Democratic National Convention Committee in Philadelphia, PA. Reportedly, some top officials from the DNC attended the wedding, and there were Secret Service Agents present.

There is no evidence that O’Brien and his bride were aware of the hateful and violent actions of many of their guests.

Women for America First is a conservative 501(c)(4) organization that supports President Trump and is run by longtime grassroots conservative activist Amy Kremer.

According to a press release put out by Women for America First (WFAF), their private event was interrupted “at least” 30 times by hostile wedding participants who taunted, stalked and harassed the women, calling them “MAGA Sluts,” “Trump c*nts,” “Nazis,” “fascists” and “bigots.”

Romona, a member of the WFAF group, told American Greatness that at one point, a 20-ish male wedding attendee shoved “Paul,” a middle aged man as he was walking down the hall with her and his wife.

“You just physically assaulted him!” Romona said she told him. “You need to be arrested!” But the man denied that he did anything wrong. Romona said that he saw the wedding guests verbally assault elderly women in the hotel bathroom, and that one belligerent drunk from the wedding party parked himself outside of their ballroom door for the entire night in an apparent attempt to intimidate them.

The evening’s disorder culminated in an assault on retired Navy SEAL and former FBI special agent Jonathan T. Gilliam as he escorted some of the women out of the venue to safety. Approximately four to six men reportedly tried to block Gilliam as he tried to lead the women up the stairs. As the former SEAL tried to get around the Dems, they assaulted him, according to eye-witnesses. Only one of those men was arrested.

The pro-Trump women were reportedly harassed by unhinged wedding party guests from the moment they set foot in the swanky Willard hotel, which is located just a few blocks away from the White House.

In one incident, according to the WFAF press release, a group of women looking for the WFAF event were purposefully misdirected into the wedding event by “a group of women attending the wedding” so they could be mocked by wedding attendees.

Once inside, they realized it was the wrong room, but the women told them they should stay because it was a Biden rally and they simply shouldn’t support President Trump. Our guests were repeatedly verbally assaulted with comments such as “is this an actual thing?”, “you should be ashamed of yourselves”, “MAGA Trash”, “Nazis” and “C*nts”. Wedding guests walked into our event as if they belonged there and began bidding on silent auction items. Ultimately hotel security was placed at the door of our event at the end of the night but even that did not deter the wedding guests from antagonizing our group in the hallways or in the restrooms.

As the evening came to a close, our guest speaker, former Navy SEAL and FBI agent, Jonathan T. Gilliam, helped escort our guests out of the venue. During this time, the alleged best man refused to allow people on the elevator saying, “you’re only allowed in if you respect your ovaries”. As Jonathan escorted approximately five of our guests to the lobby of the hotel via the stairs so they could exit the hotel, the alleged best man in the wedding party and several other individuals began verbally taunting him and the women he was protecting, resulting in an altercation. Subsequently, Jonathan was physically attacked by approximately 4-6 other attendees of the wedding party who piled on attempting to choke and beat him, before he was able to break free and counter the attack. After others intervened, including a plain clothed officer, the fight was broken up. Metro DC police responded to the assault within minutes and the alleged best man was arrested.

Gilliam wrote in a subsequent tweet that he was okay, but the future of the country was perhaps not.

Gilliam had started off the evening with a prayer:

A group of four to six men savagely attacked Gilliam from all sides, punching and kicking him, according to Romona, who got involved in the brawl when she saw how outnumbered the former SEAL was.

Romona told American Greatness she grabbed one of the men who was attacking Gilliam from behind in what she called a “bear-hug,” effectively sidelining him. She told American Greatness, that although Gilliam was outnumbered, he got some good licks in and that some of his attackers were bloodied. At one point, she said, they were all on the floor fighting.

Conservative activist Ann Vandersteel wrote on Twitter that some of the Democrat wedding guests taunted the pro-Trump women as they tried to enter the elevator: “Only people who care about their ovaries can ride the elevator,” they reportedly sneered.

Vandersteel  posted a picture of a woman who allegedly taunted the Trump-supporting women in the bathroom, calling them “MAGA Sluts,” and “Trump c*nts.”  She also posted the picture of a man who said he paid 100 grand for the wedding so his guests could behave however they wanted.

The woman in the red dress was described as a particularly badly behaved guest who was literally “screaming at many of our attendees.”

Vandersteel posted a picture of some of the wedding attendees who were involved in the brawl:

Cindy C., a Women for America First organizer who witnessed the hostile antics of the wedding party firsthand, also posted a picture of one of Gilliam’s attackers.


Cindy described on Twitter how the the high-zoot Democrats expressed “vitriolic hatred” for the conservative women.

“My job was to run the front room which is where registration, our silent auction, and gift tables were,” Cindy tweeted on Sunday. She explained that people checked in, then browsed the silent auction, and proceed into their holiday party.

Because the group’s signage was not outside of the room or on display, Cindy said there was “no way anyone who wasn’t part of the event could know who we were or why we were there.”

It wasn’t until a woman from the wedding party walked by their room and saw their pro-Trump signage inside, that the evening took a dark turn, she said.

“She glared at me, shook her head, and walked out,” Cindy tweeted. “This began the evening of constant harassment we received from those attending the party next door.”

Here is the entirety of Cindy’s long thread, reformatted for easier reading:

People would walk by and scream nasty comments. Others actually Came inside the room to spew hatred, some signed up for the silent auction items (making ridiculous bids under fake names). When asked to leave they then began the verbal attacks. Security was called but even then they refused to leave, acting as if they owned the room we paid for.

It was so disruptive and intimidating that many of our guests didn’t want to come out to risk being attacked. So participation in the silent auction was limited. Remember, we have women from all walks of life. Many of them are new to the world of politics and have only seen this type of thing on television. Some of our ladies had been viciously, verbally attacked in the bathroom and halls so they wanted to avoid the potential of being attacked again or at all.

The harassment continued all night and once their party ended it got even worse. When you mix wealthy entitlement with intoxication, and their ideology rooted in an unjustified hatred of people based solely on the fact that we don’t stand in the lockstep they’ve decided we should, you get an ugly scene. How dare women think independently and support @POTUS.

We literally were scum to them. And why? We did nothing to them and had they simply minded their own business they would have never known who we were. Even beyond that, what kind of people are so classless that they leave a $100k party just to harass a bunch of women? I’ll tell you who. Elite democrats who think that they can do whatever they want with no consequence. As our party ended, one family attempted to leave, the daughter was attacked a second time from two middle aged women in the hall. She was extremely shaken up and her parents were aghast and shocked that the attackers were relentless.

At this point I asked a couple of the gentlemen from our party who were well experienced in security and personal protection to begin assisting our members out of the area and either to the valet/Ubers or to the elevators. On one of those trips, @JGilliam_SEAL was prevented from entering the elevator with the group of ladies he was escorting. So being the sheepdog that he is, he rose above it and walked the ladies upstairs.

Unfortunately, They were met with the group of instigators at the top. Those instigators refused to allow our ladies to pass by and when they attempted to move 3 men began to physically attack Jonathan. They jumped on him, punching and ultimately grabbing his tie and choking him.

In the midst of the attack, he did what any normal person being attacked would do. He defended himself. Now remember, Jonathan is a former NAVY SEAL and FBI agent. He is trained very well and during this attack he exercised extraordinary judgment and restraint. There was one pop to the face of one of the attackers that made him back off. The others were pulled off by other members in our group (who mind you did not lay hands on them other than to pull them off of Jonathan).

The police were called to the hotel (I’m fairly certain this is a first for the Willard). We were not the aggressors and throughout the entire ordeal our group was simply trying to avoid any altercations and de-escalate. It didn’t matter to those on that side who wanted a fight. They didn’t get one from us and thankfully one of the attackers was arrested.

But it didn’t end there. Once the man was arrested, their group continued to verbally attack us, even with the police and security there. They demanded we “make it right” and get the guy out of trouble. The idea that he was the recipient of the consequences of his own actions was foreign to these people. It didn’t matter that he was the attacker. (In fact there were 3 who jumped on J and only one got taken away in handcuffs. They should have been glad all 3 didn’t get arrested.) they simply wanted to go about their night as if nothing had happened.

Thankfully DC metropolitan police saw them for who they were and did the right thing. We are unaware of what transpired after the arrest. Given who was rumored to have been at the event, it wouldn’t surprise us at all to know that this person was ultimately released without any charges or on lower ones. I’d be surprised if he had to remain in jail until today to be arraigned (no arraignments on sundays in DC).

But we don’t know. But this truly exposes these elite leftists for who they are. Never would you hear about anyone on the conservative side crashing a private party at a posh DC (or anywhere) hotel. We simply don’t do this. Yet these elitist progressives think they own us and the system, therefore they can do whatever they want. They claim that WE are the Nazis, but THEY are the ones persecuting innocent women for simply having a different opinion and political viewpoint. Think about that. We aren’t the ones who saw them or anyone as subhuman…they are. So if we are their target of choice TODAY once we, as conservative women, are sidelined, silenced or eliminated.

Who is next? People need to wake up. That is what is coming. They simply don’t show it on the television or in their 30 second sound bites paid for by their million dollar donors. Everyone needs to remember the famous poem “First they came” poem by Protestant pastor, Martin Niemöller. Because this is what the left is doing. They are doing all they can to silence our voices and then what? They will go after the very people who support them today. (sadly those people have been fooled into believing they’re allies.) This will only get worse.”

Sebastian Gorka had Gilliam on his radio show Tuesday to describe the altercation at the Willard Saturday night.

“These weren’t antifa thugs that you see on the street, these are people that are directly connected … to the DNC and some pretty big people,” said Gilliam. “These people were not street thugs, but the actions that they were taking were so over the top that they would stand out in front of the door and yell at the women,” he added. “It was the craziest thing I’d ever seen.”

He told Gorka that he was jumped by three to six guys near the elevator, and that while he was fighting, the women he was escorting fled to safety.

“When I broke out of it, I stopped it right there and the guy who started it ended up getting arrested,” Gilliam said.


John Pence, Senior Adviser for Trump’s 2020 Presidential Campaign reacted to the unfortunate incident in a statement on Twitter:

“Physical attacks due to political differences are illegal and wrong. Saddened to learn of such attacks against #WomenForTrump supporters who peacefully assembled in DC this past weekend,” Pence said.

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