Morning Greatness: Chuck Schumer Barks Impeachment Trial Demands

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda for the day:

  • The president and First Lady participate in a 2:2 meeting with the President of the Republic of Guatemala and Mrs. Marroquin Argueta de Morales
  • The president participates in an expanded bilateral meeting with the President of the Republic of Guatemala
  • The president and First Lady participate in a Christmas Reception

Schumer makes his demands for Senate impeachment trial

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has issued some demands for the Senate’s impeachment trial.

In a letter sent Sunday to McConnell, Schumer laid out a proposal under which the Senate would call several witnesses the White House has refused to make available in the House’s impeachment inquiry, including President Donald Trump’s acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and former national security adviser John Bolton. Schumer also requested additional documents that the president has declined to provide.

Cocaine Mitch needs to channel Michael Corelone and respond to Schumer, “My offer is this: nothing.” That will never happen but it should. Some of the GOP Senators are putting forward their best failure theater performances in response to Schumer’s wishes. I don’t count on any of these GOP Senators to deliver on their tough talk.

“If we’re going to have witnesses … then you’re going to have allow the defense to call witnesses that they believe are exculpatory. If that’s the direction [Democrats] want to go, then that’s what we’ll do,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). “You can’t have a process where only side gets to call unlimited witnesses.”

“I want to hear from Hunter Biden … I want to hear from the whistleblower,” said Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.). Hawley added that he “would be shocked” if any Republicans backed Schumer’s proposal.

Sorry, Senator Hawley, Schumer doesn’t want Hunter Biden to testify.

Schumer is really pushing live witnesses, obviously to increase the “wow-factor” for an otherwise boring process most people have long tuned out. Schumer probably thinks people will watch what he imagines will be a Law & Order episode. Instead it will be like watching paint dry.

“Senate Democrats believe strongly the trial must be fair and it’s very important that the American people judge it to be fair,” Schumer said. “A fair trial is one where senators get all the facts. And one that allows them to adjudicate the case impartially.”

Too bad. No more unilateral “fairness.”

Conway says White House sees ‘no reason’ to bow to Democratic witness demands

Impeachment Follies: unspinning the poll propaganda

Tomorrow is the big day. The House will vote to impeach President Trump for winning the 2016 election. CNN wants you to know that the nation is divided. The tabloid news network should take a victory lap because CNN had a big part of fracturing the country where we find ourselves now.

Support for impeaching Trump and removing him from office stands at 45% in the new poll, down from 50% in a poll conducted in mid-November just after the conclusion of the House Intelligence Committee’s public hearings. Opposition to impeachment and removal stands at 47% in the new poll, up from 43% in November. Support for impeachment and removal among Democrats has dipped from 90% in November to 77% now.

Here’s the deal with the polls, I’m going to reveal the secret sauce. We know that the Senate is not going to vote to remove the president from office. We also know the Democrats know this so the impeachment venture isn’t with an eye to getting Trump tossed out of office. Claims they are doing this to defend the constitution strains credulity. It’s obvious they are doing this to damage the president before the 2020 election.

We don’t elect the president by popular vote, so why would we consider polls that frame the impeachment debate as a popular issue? We shouldn’t. The question is how many states have popular votes that support impeachment because that is how the 2020 election will be decided. If a majority of voters in a majority of states do not support impeachment, the Democrats election strategy of impeaching the president so they re-take the White House in 2020 has been a failure.

What percentage of the 45% who support impeachment live in California or New York? They are only two states but they have a large enough population to skew results when we only consider the popular numbers. This is how the Democrats/media weaponize polls results to make people think there is more impeachment support than there probably is. Now I don’t have access to the xtabs, that would give a bit of insight into my questions depending on the sample size of the survey but my spidey sense is that a majority of states do not have popular votes that support Trump’s impeachment. A headline that reads “41 out of 50 states oppose impeachment” has a different effect than one that says “45 percent of voters/adults/likely voters support impeaching the president.” I just made that 41 figure up, but you get my point.

To be fair, we have seen some polling from critical swing states on the impeachment question. But to really get a sense of the bias against the president, most of the polling is focused on the misleading popular vote. Stay vigilant.

Vulnerable Democrats to vote to impeach Trump
Academics. LOL. More than 700 historians sign letter calling for House to impeach Trump

Judge denies Flynn motion to compel Brady production

CNN wants you to know that a judge issued a “blanket rebuke of conspiracy theories on Monday about the former Trump national security adviser that have festered over the last two years.” Are you noticing how the Democrats/media say anything not in line with their RIGHTTHINK is a conspiracy theory? If you think that federal prosecutors would never, ever withhold exculpatory evidence from a defendant go read Sidney Powell’s book “License to Lie.” It’s literally the business model at the DoJ. Powell is also Flynn’s lawyer.

“The Court summarily disposes of Mr. Flynn’s arguments that the FBI conducted an ambush interview for the purpose of trapping him into making false statements and that the government pressured him to enter a guilty plea. The record proves otherwise,” Sullivan wrote on Monday.

“Regardless of Mr. Flynn’s new theories, he pled guilty twice to the crime, and he fails to demonstrate that the disclosure of the requested information would have impacted his decision to plead guilty,” Sullivan added.

Flynn will be sentenced on January 28th. I’m sure Sidney Powell has something else up her sleeve.

Judge sets Flynn sentencing after rejecting claims of DOJ misconduct

Speaking of conspiracy theories…

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is crazier than a sh!thouse rat. Yesterday, she was on some CNN show spouting legit conspiracy theories like it was open night mic at a Beatnik coffee shop. Here’s what she was allowed to say, unchallenged by the jurnoliztz at CNN.

“Well, they say these things because they cannot refute the facts. As a matter of fact, when I observed this president and the way that he conducted himself during the primary elections, the way he called names, the way he lied, the way he talked about grabbing women by their private parts— I never thought we would hear president talk like that. And also, I had done some research. I knew about his alignment with Putin. I knew about Manafort and what the relationship was. And the fact that he had been sent there by Putin, in essence, to head up the president’s campaign. Because I believe, even though I don’t have the facts to prove it, I believe that Putin wanted to lift the sanctions. He’s always wanted to lift these sanctions that were placed on him because of his interfering and incursion into Crimea. So I believe that they wanted to elect President Trump. And Trump, I believe, agreed. I will always believe this, that he agreed that if he got elected, he would lift those sanctions. He would like to do it. He’s not been able to do it.”

She continued, “When they talk about we’re just making things up, and he talks about this as a witch hunt, there are too many facts. This president will not condemn Putin for hacking into the Democratic National Committee. Will not condemn him for hacking into our election system. These are facts. Seventeen of our intelligence agencies have said this. Are these patriots or not? What do they think about our democracy being undermined by the president of the United States of America? If they want to say we just don’t like him, they don’t really care about what happened to this democracy, don’t have an appreciation for the Constitution.”

That is a whole lotta insanity right there. I guess Maxine is just a smarter and a better investigator than the Mueller team who didn’t discover any of this information.

FISA Report Was So Bad That FBI’s Top Lawyer During Russia Probe Felt ‘Distressed’ After Reading It
Horowitz Report, Testimony Provide Historic Condemnation of FBI’s Surveillance Actions
Brit Hume: Schiff’s claim he didn’t know about FISA abuse is ‘utter nonsense’
Schiff town hall erupts into clashes amid shouts of ‘liar’ and ‘treason’

Other morsels:
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Senate advances massive defense policy bill
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Within hours, social media scandals bring down two Vermont police chiefs
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McConnell tees up votes on 13 Trump judicial picks ahead of break
Hulu Documentary to Showcase the Rise of Global Warming Alarmist Greta Thunberg
Did We Give Too Much Away To Big Tech And Big Pharma In The USMCA?

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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