Morning Greatness: Nadler Suddenly Postpones Impeachment Vote to a Time When More People Are Awake

Good Friday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president participates in an expanded bilateral meeting with the President of the Republic of Paraguay
  • President Trump and the First Lady participate in a Christmas Reception

Jerry Nadler suddenly postpones Impeachment Follies™ vote

I don’t care about this partisan peep show and I didn’t watch one second of it yesterday. It’s literally my career to engage with this kind of exhibition but I have had enough. And if that’s where I am, I can’t imagine where the regular person is, the Joe or Jane trying to get ready for the Christmas holiday season. But late last night, which is when I wake up, the internetz told me that Nadler and his booster seat postponed the vote in the Judiciary Committee.

After 13 or 14 hours of a name-calling, partisan bitch fight, Nadler decided to pack it in and hold the vote this morning. And he didn’t consult Doug Collins (R-Ga.) the ranking member before he squirted out his announcement. Now why, oh why would Nadler postpone the vote? Is it because no one is watching TV at 11:30pmET? The impeachment effort is a production, it’s a media event, it’s a spectacle. “One morning, Remirro’s body was found cut in two pieces on the piazza at Cesena, with a block of wood and a bloody knife beside it.  The brutality of this spectacle kept the people of the Romagna appeased and stupified.” Amen, Niccolò.

There’s no substance here, this isn’t about prayerful and sober consideration of the constitution. If it were, Nadler would want to protect our constitution ASAP, even if it’s at 11:30pmET. Instead, the vote will take place at 10amET when it can dominate the news cycle and entertain the twidiots.

Heavily redacted communications on withholding of Ukraine aid released by Trump administration
Mark Levin says Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler lack credibility on impeachment: ‘They do not believe in the rule of law’
McConnell says ‘zero chance’ Trump is removed, ‘one or two Democrats’ could vote to acquit
Sen. Hawley: FBI meddled in 2016 election, Dems ‘essentially bought’ an investigation
Sad! We Asked The 31 House Democrats From Trump Districts How They Would Vote On Impeachment — Not One Was Fully Committed
Newspapers in swing states have yet to embrace impeachment
McConnell says he’ll be in ‘total coordination’ with White House on impeachment trial strategy
Where is the media’s? Where is Matt Gaetz’s humanity?
Name-calling, insults and scandals dominate all-day impeachment hearing


Yesterday’s election was a blow out for Boris Johnson and the Tories and nasty rebuke that socialist jew-hater Jeremy Corbyn. Terrific news!

The Conservatives have won their first sizable majority in decades, having taken dozens of seats from Labour, including many that had been held by the party since they were created.

A decisive majority empowers Johnson to press ahead with pushing through the Brexit deal he agreed with the EU back in October. He has vowed that the U.K. will leave the bloc on January 31 and negotiate a trade agreement before the end of a transitional period on 31 December 2020.

“We broke the deadlock, we ended the gridlock, we smashed the roadblock,” the prime minister said at a victory rally in Westminster as the final few seats were being counted. “A new dawn rises on a new day and a new government.”

That’s right, globalists,Brexit is gonna git done.

Other morsels:
Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back
Judge blocks Los Angeles from enforcing NRA disclosure law
Washington state seeks to ban sale of ‘assault weapons,’ high capacity magazines
Senate passes Armenian genocide resolution
Trump tweet mocking Greta Thunberg sparks backlash
Trump Campaign’s Brad Parscale: Twitter, Google Engaging In ‘Voter Suppression’ By Restricting Political Ads
Planned Parenthood Targets Los Angeles High Schoolers Through On-Campus Health Centers
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Boston Marathon bomber, wants death sentence overturned
Metaphor alert. See it: Fisherman helps free bald eagle wrapped in octopus’ tentacles
Michelle Obama tells Greta Thunberg to “ignore the doubters” after Trump slams the climate change activist
Anonymous donor drops $1,500 gold coin in Salvation Army kettle
FTC considers blocking Facebook from merging aspects of Instagram and WhatsApp: report
Say goodbye to those blue-and-yellow airport vans: SuperShuttle is going out of business
Kentucky’s Beshear restores voting rights to over 100,000 convicted felons days after inauguration
Federal judge rules American Samoans are US citizens by birth
ICE, IRS search Hispanic grocery stores in Atlanta area
3 female staffers sexually harassed by top Pentagon official: IG report

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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