Dunkin’ Donuts Getting Rid of ‘Unsustainable’ Double Cup

For Dunkin’ Donuts customers in New England “double cup” are over, Boston 25 reports. The “double cup” — a foam cup acting as a sleeve also known as a ‘koosie’ around a cold drink are to be eliminated.

New ads are telling customers, that the “double cup is breaking up.”

Executives at the chain said they’re moving to eliminate its polystyrene cups because foam isn’t sustainable.

Previously reported in the Boston Globe in 2017 an online war broke out over the “double cup.” A customer took to the company’s Facebook page to complain that an employer used a hot cup to insulate an iced coffee in a New England Dunkin’. This led to New England die-hards, the koosie crusaders who swear by the practice to come out swinging. The double-cup habit was started in New England, and has been most common there, so they will be the hardest hit.

Cold drinks are being marketed as “iced, delicious and single.”

The new campaign targets folks in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, for now, as the Associated Press reported.

By December 1, all the region’s stores are to start using paper cups that Dunkin’ said would be more environmentally friendly, as Fox 61 reported.

Foam cups will be eliminated worldwide next year, Dunkin’ said.